Episode 162 - Show Notes & Advice

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episode 162 | show notes & advice

episode description

Over the course of the podcast, we’ve featured a huge number of remarkable women, inspiring the world in everything from natural-style textiles to award-winning garden design.


In this very special episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’, we bring you a selection of our favourite clips from previous episodes, shining a light on the fabulous female horticulturalists and entrepreneurs leading the way in the gardening world.

In this episode, discover

  • How a cocktail of herbs from the kitchen garden can transform any meal
  • The female florists that have given us a renewed appreciation for flowers off of their peak
  • Which varieties of flower are among the most beloved for scent, and easiest for newcomers to gardening
  • The stories of the hugely inspirational female entrepreneurs bringing new life to the natural world


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Episode 162 advice sheet

Cath Kidston (1:20)

We’re first introduced in this episode to the marvellous Cath Kidston, as she talks us through how she found her inspiration for gardening, and the way that the scent of geraniums guided her next, very naturalistic brand - C. Atherley. She goes on to describe why she named the new business after her grandmother, namely as a charming way to celebrate the female side of the family.


Arabella Preston (4:10)

Next, we feature Arabella Preston’s chat about her favourite plants as a newcomer to gardening, and some of the ideas that she stole from her mum’s gardening prowess. Arabella also has an utterly delightful outlook on how the act of gardening is the perfect way in which one can truly embrace the season.


Jekka McVicar (7:05)

Jekka McVicar is our next fabulous female star, and her approach to using herbs is equal parts refreshing and innovative. She talks us through why herbs should be thought of as a cocktail to transform any meal in seconds, and why French Tarragon is the herb of her family.

Tricia Guild (11:15)

Sarah is connected to Tricia Guild by a shared love of Juliet Glaives, and in this clip from her episode highlights the female florists who have driven us forward - particularly those who celebrate flowers at times where they’re slightly off of their peak.


Molly Mahon (14:30)

Episode 117 featured Molly Mahon, and having had successful artists in two generations of women in her family, with a father who was based in the garden, she chats about how her career has seen her combine all these influences, particularly the creative ones.


Jo Fairley (17:50)

Finally, Jo Fairley is a self-proclaimed ‘entrepreneur by accident’, and a font of knowledge on flower-scented perfume. We hear her favourite flowers for fragrance, and their nostalgic links to her childhood.