Elderflower Delights

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One of the pleasures of being a member of the Sarah Raven team of bloggers, is the chance to read other people's writing.   I particularly enjoyed reading Sarah, a new member of the team, writing about hedgerows.  I hope that she has had a chance to gather elderflowers and made a few exciting foraged foodstuffs. Any of you who regularly read my posts will be aware that foraging is close to my heart too.  This last month has seen the most amazing 'crop' of elderflowers.


I have managed to make several batches of elderflower cordial, including Sarah Raven's recipe from the Garden Cookbook (page 142).  It has the most glorious taste,  having limes and oranges, as well as lemons it is more fruity and less tart then my usual recipe, and I will now make both cordials each year.  Won't it be wonderful to offer guests a choice of two Elderflower Cordials?

Making elderflower cordial

As well as the cordials I have made Elderflower Gin; I added about 15 full umbels and some sugar syrup to about 50ml gin, I have left it  for a week, shaking it occasionally, I am still waiting to see how it tastes! Having heard the suggestion on the radio, I have also made a small jar of Elderflower Salt (I layered elderflowers and coarse sea salt- apparently it will be good with lamb) and Elderflower Vinegar (again 15 heads of elderflowers steeped for a week in cider vinegar- the vinegar was then filtered and I'm hoping it will be good in summer salad dressings). My most delicious Elderflower recipe of this year however is Elderflower and Lemon Marmalade, I found the recipe on The Botanical Baker's blog, and I made a batch.  We have demolished the first jar, it is stunningly scrumptious, I cannot recommend it too highly.  If you try one recipe in addition to Elderflower Cordial, make sure it is Elderflower and Lemon Marmalade.

Making elderflower marmalade

As we move into June,  I'm waiting for the sun to reappear so I can gather more elderflowers.  I would like to make a further batch or two of cordial, for the freezer.  Some more marmalade would be splendid. And I'm desperate to try Sarah Raven's Elderflower Fritters, they sound like a gorgeous treat. Happy Foraging, just remember to search out flowers that are fresh, not old and tired.  Make sure they are well away from traffic and other pollutants.  And enjoy!

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