Inspiration Page – AT23 Prairie Garden

get the look: prairie garden

Inspired by naturalised large open spaces, prairie style gardens are low-maintenance and incredibly pollinator-friendly. Combine daisies and ornamental grasses for an authentic look and feel

Echinacea purpurea 'Magnus Superior'

An improved form of the purple 'Magnus' coneflower or echinacea, with giant flowers on tall stems from the start of summer until autumn

spotlight on: daisies

Also known as Asteraceae, this plant family includes prairie heroes such as echinacea, helenium, and asters

spotlight on: grasses

Grasses such as panicum, stipa, and miscanthus make great companions for many other plants, enhancing the whole look of a planting scheme, with delicate movement, sound, contrasting form, and unbeatable foliage

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