Inspiration Page – AT23 New tulip collections for 2023

new tulip collections for 2023

Tulips are the most sophisticated, high glamour flowers, with a flamboyance and chic that no other plant can match. No spring garden is complete without these.

We cant wait for you to plant these in your garden this autumn.


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Ginger Snap Tulip Mix

Those of you that have been customers for years will remember our beautiful and unusual Brandy Snap Tulip Collection, which was my favourite for a decade. Sadly, several varieties became unavailable so we had to drop it until I went to Holland last spring, determined to recreate it. Ta-da – here it is – and exceptionally lovely too!

spring party tulip collection

One of the things I love most about tulips is the way they push on into the end of spring, so that in all the glories of May, with apple blossom frothing in the trees and cow parsley below, you can still get full-whack beautiful tulips like this strawberry mousse collection. Thinking of a spring party, or if you just want abundant flowers for the house, this one’s for you

spring table tulip collection

A bright and breezy gathering of a late spring garden with tulips of all shapes, which looks wonderful mixed in with alliums and spring leaves – so you too can recreate the freshness of spring on your eating table.


tudor rose tulip collection

The Tudor rose brought together the reds of Lancaster and the whites of York, and here it is in tulip form, but made better and richer by the deep bloody-reds of ‘Palmyra’ and ‘Antraciet’. Long-flowering and perennial varieties only included here

bournville orange tulip collection

If you want one rich collection of tulips, dense with colour, elegance and chic, this is it. Three of the very best tulips in the universe, all flowering at the same time and dancing a wonderful kind of luxury waltz

debo devonshire tulip mix

Inspired by a parterre at Chatsworth which the late duchess filled with forget-me-nots as a background for the most flamboyant and joy-filled tulips she could find, this was one of our favourite tulips shows at Perch Hill last spring

trooping the colour tulip mix

This for me is like the tulip Trooping the Colour, all the most handsome Guardsmen lined up on either side of the main path of our cutting garden at Perch Hill. What a dream! This lot come back year after year and I look forward to it every time

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Tulip 'Orange Dynasty'
Tulip 'Jackpot'
Tulip 'Margarita'
Tulip 'Orange Marmalade'
Tulip 'Golden Dynasty'
Tulip 'Blue Parrot'
Tulip 'Campbell'
Tulip 'Ivory Floradale'
Tulip 'Alison Bradley'

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