Episode 168 - Show Notes & Advice

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episode 168 | show notes & advice

episode description

Early May is on its way, bringing a fresh bloom of fragrant and fabulous flowers. It’s this abundance of impact and perfume on which Simon Lycett thrives.

His style of floristry is so striking, and one from which we cannot fail but to learn - Simon joins us to share his highlights of the spring season and how you can choose the perfect varieties to create your own stunning arrangements.

In this episode, discover

  • Simon’s recent endeavours with BBC Maestro, creating wonderful guides to decorating with flowers
  • Our favourite garden & cut flowers for early May, with special mention for the absolute must-have Lily of the Valley
  • A unique irrigation tip if your garden is overly abundant with slugs
  • Simon’s top tips for home-grown floristry, and the standout performers he’s been drawn to in recent years

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Episode 168 advice sheet

Simon’s recent work, and his course with BBC Maestro (2:45)

As seasons march on, Simon is revelling in how much has started to grow, from the blossom to the magnolia branches on show in New Covent Garden - he takes inspiration from it all.

On top of his usual floristry, there’s also a new BBC Maestro course in which Simon shares his floral fabulousness in over 20 lessons.

‘May must-haves’ for the garden and as cut flowers (5:30)

This time of year brings a joyous blooming of all things fragrant and fabulous, and top of Simon’s list for the spring garden is Lily of the Valley, an extraordinarily perfumed plant that’ll thrive in dry or damp shade.

Simon’s irrigation regime, and a top tip for countering slugs (9:30)

Slugs can present a challenge for irrigation, but a piece of advice from another friend of the show, Arit Anderson, has helped Simon immensely. Sharing this tip with Sarah, he says that watering in the middle of the night has made a huge difference.

Floristry advice and changes in the wider industry (13:10)

We couldn’t finish without advice on flawless floristry at home, and Simon rounds off the episode suggesting that one should find what they love, but not grow too much of it. It doesn’t take too much of one plant to make a striking impact, and picking something scented certainly compounds that charm.

Simon also chats about the all-important sustainability angle on floristry, as we’ve previously covered with Shane Connelly (episodes 46 and 97). It’s close to Simon’s heart too, and he makes mention of the lovely value in supporting small, local and independent flower farmers, all in service of a greener approach to floristry. 

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