Episode 138 - Show Notes & Advice


episode 138 | show notes & advice

episode description

Join Sarah and Arthur Parkinson, as they chat about the brand-new bulbs and perennials, they'll be planting this autumn. Discover vibrant colours and delightful scents to transform your garden next spring.

In this episode, discover

  • Sarah’s stand-out favourites from the new autumn range
  • Arthur’s top choices for his dream spring garden 

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Autumn range highlights (1:40)

  • Tulip 'Orange Marmalade' – extravagant orange petals with green flashes. Part of the ‘viridiflora’ group so it’s exceptionally perennial. 
  • Tulip 'Campbell' – sent to Sarah and the Perch Hill team to trial, this is the most elegant lily-flowered variety. A double tulip, but also centred, and closely related to Tulip ‘Ballerina.’ This lasts well in the garden and in the vase. Plus, it’s perfumed too! 
  • Ginger Snap Tulip Mix - A brand-new collection designed by Sarah and Arthur and inspired by the best-selling Brandy Snap Collection. Boasting muted tapestry tones with a little bit of purple from Tulip ‘Blue Parrot.’ 
  • Everlasting Lilies Collection – vivid and circus-like, these lilies are incredibly perennial. Packed full of character, these make excellent additions to many gardens.
  • Fritillaria imperialis 'Early Sensation' – very perennial even after 50 years. This flowers in March and is a total must-have in Sarah’s book. Fritillaria raddeana is another stand out perennial choice. 
  • Muscari Collection – incredibly delicate and an excellent choice for supressing weeds. Muscari also looks excellent self-seeded between the cracks of paving slabs and pathways.
  • Narcissus 'Starlight Sensation' – a brand-new series that has to be one of Sarah’s absolute favourites for springtime. Flowering from the middle of March to the middle of April, this variety is super long lasting and boasts an incredible scent. It’s also incredibly floriferous per stem, so you only need five or so to make a huge impact.           

Other top choices

  • Fig 'Little Miss Figgy' (Ficus carica) – the most stunning leaves that look excellent in large pots.
  • Rhubarb Collection – one of Sarah’s favourite edible crops. It looks good, thrives in dappled shade, and doesn’t mind where it lives or grows. The more you pick, the more it grows!

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