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episode 158 | show notes & advice

episode description

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and for those looking to bring a floral flair to their gift-giving this year, Sarah and Arthur’s shortlist is full of delightful ideas.

As you’d expect there’s a varied selection of flowers beyond the traditional roses, and other ways to bring joy to your loved ones with mini-landscapes and pins to keep one’s favourite flowers and animals close.

In this episode, discover

  • Why the charm of printing photos is so important to relive fond garden memories
  • Sarah’s ‘from acorns to oak trees’ mantra for gifting seeds like Verbena ‘Bampton’ and Dahlia ‘Bishop’s Children’
  • The joy in Arthur’s butterfly pin collection and his desire to keep it growing
  • How puzzles are a wonderful way to familiarise yourself with your garden’s wildlife

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Episode 158 advice sheet

Arthur’s love of printed photos (2:10)

Many of our most beloved memories are now stored digitally, which in Arthur’s eyes can detract from the charm that we’d once feel holding physical photos, so that’ll be one of his gifting plans this Valentine’s Day.

Mini-landscape artistry (3:45)

Sarah loves mini-landscapes, taking the opportunity to incorporate primroses and cowslips in a lovely, small design. It’s a great way to get hands on and use some of the season’s most brilliant flowers.

‘From acorns to oak trees’ (5:45)

The phrase ‘from acorns to oak trees’ is among Sarah’s favourites, and when it comes to gifting it’s a call for her to give first year flowering perennials to loved ones. Among her great selection are the Verbenas ‘Rigida’ and ‘Bampton’, and the bold Dahlia ‘Bishop’s Children’.

Pins and puzzles (8:05)

Arthur loves his collection of pins and badges touting the visage of the most beautiful butterflies, and so growing that collection would be one of his Valentine’s Day requests.

In a similar vein, Sarah has been learning our native butterfly species from puzzles, a combination of enjoyment and education that she’d love to continue.

The plants at the top of Sarah & Arthur’s wish lists (11:45)

Rounding out the episode, we hear a huge selection of beloved flowers perfect for being cut or for their bold perfume, including one particular Rose that Sarah has paid particular attention to in the past year - Timeless Purple.

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