[Inspiration] Inspiration Page – SE22 Sow Hardy Annuals

we love hardy annuals

Hardy annuals as cut flowers have to be picked – that’s the great thing about them

Sarah's favourite hardy annuals

Watch as Sarah shares her top hardy annual flowers for a cutting garden and tips on when to sow the seeds


Hardy Annual Cutting Patch Collection

Make this the year you grow your own flowers. Keep picking these annuals and they will produce flowers for you to have in vases all over the house

full on fragrance sweet pea mix

I love this trio of very highly scented, brilliant pink sweet peas. Pick a huge bunch to burst out of any vase, picking some of the tendrils too, making the whole thing more three-dimensional

sweet pea 'Blue Velvet'

The richest, most saturated, deep blue-purple with a long-flowering season and whopper stems.

sweet pea 'Judith Wilkinson'

Dazzling, stand-out, saturated pink with lovely scent. A real head-turner. 

sweet pea 'Mrs Collier'

A lovely and very fragrant cream sweet pea

the ultimate sweet pea collection

A wonderful selection of all the best long-stemmed, strongly scented varieties.

brilliant buckets sweet pea collection

These are all long-stemmed, large-flowered varieties with good scent and colour

essential sowing & growing kit

Here is all the kit we recommend to help you to produce an excellent crop