How to plant and grow raspberries

Our one year old standard canes will provide bowls of fruit every year for the next 8-12 years (please be advised that it's unlikely to provide lots of fruit in the first year). 

Soak them well before you plant them out and make sure their roots remain undisturbed as they become established.  They are easy to grow and maintain – all you need is space. Our raspberry canes should be planted 30-40cm apart and need 2m between the rows. 

Planting time: November to March (in the dormant season, as long as the ground is not waterlogged or frozen)
Harvest: July to October (depending on variety)
Planting out raspberry canes
  • Prepare the ground well, raspberry plants do not like poor soil, dig in plenty of well rotted manure.
  • Make a solid support for the plants with wire and post structure 
  • Plant the canes at 40cm intervals with rows should be about 2 metres apart
  • Plant at a depth of about 6cm, spread the roots out, and then prune the stem back to 25cm 
  • In spring mulch with a well-rotted manure
  • Water regularly and get rid of weeds

Can you grow raspberries in containers...?
You can grow raspberries in container pots at least 15in (40cm) diameter, training the canes up bamboo poles, and feeding on a monthly basis.


How to prune raspberry canes

  • Summer-fruiting raspberries (‘Glen Ample’) should be pruned as soon as they have finished fruiting by cutting back all the fruited canes to ground level and tying in the new canes
  • Autumn-fruiting raspberries (‘Autumn Bliss’) should be pruned by cutting all the canes back to ground-level at the end of the winter
  • Prune all raspberry canes again in the spring by cutting back to a healthy bud about 15cm above the top of the supporting wire
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