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Wild Rocket

Slower growing than salad rocket, with thinner leaves which it produces for twice as long.

500 seeds (organic)

5 seedlings (510495-5)

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Direct Sow/ Plant Out
Flowers/ Harvest


Edible Crop
Kitchen Garden
Broad Tolerance
15cm (6in)
Common name
Wild Rocket
Moist but Well-drained
Part Shade
15cm (6in)
Direct sow in lines or blocks straight into the ground from April-August. Sown in autumn under cover or cloches, it will provide valuable winter salad. Easy germination. Will grow in part-shade.


Slower growing than salad rocket, with thinner leaves, which it produces for twice as long. Slow to bolt, even in hot and dry weather.

It is also fine if protected against flea beetle for picking in summer. This, sown in succession with salad rocket, will give you a year round rocket harvest.

Please note, illustrated packets are being introduced gradually over the coming months, availability may vary.

Care Tips

Cover with fleece during winter. This grows well in container pots. It may get infested with flea beetle from April-August leaving lots of tiny holes all over the leaves. Protect with a physical barrier of fleece from sowing on. Water regularly.