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Tomato 'Noire de Crimée'

An extraordinary, crimson-skinned, Russian Tomato, with incredible flavour and firm, but juicy texture for the ultimate tomato salad.

30 seeds

4 seedlings (510426-4)

3 x 9cm pots (510426-3)

5 seedlings (510426-5)

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Sow Under Cover
Direct Sow/ Plant Out
Flowers/ Harvest


Edible Crop
Kitchen Garden
Broad Tolerance
1.8m (6ft)
Heritage (Cordon/Indeterminate) Tomato
Common name
Black Krim Tomato
Full Sun
60cm (24in)
Sow seed under cover February-March in warmth. Keep small plants in a sunny, frost-free environment until they can be planted in the greenhouse from late April or outdoors in late May.


An extraordinary, crimson-skinned, Russian Tomato with incredible flavour and a firm, but juicy texture for the ultimate tomato salad.

This comes from the Crimea, an area of Europe with a similar climate to ours, so this is much better suited to growing in Britain, inside or out, than many Southern European, hotter climate forms. Harvest according to feeling for ripeness, not the skin colour as this can be misleading. My current favourite salad variety.

SEED PACKETS - Please note, when you receive this packet the inner foil has been incorrectly printed with TOMSWEETMIL, the seed inside is Noire de Crimee not Tomato Sweet Million.

Care Tips

Under cover or outside they need staking, regular watering and weekly feeding for best results. Pinch out side shoots as they develop and then pinch out the tops once they have set 5 or 6 trusses.