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Kale 'Nero di Toscana'

A wonderful crop for the winter. The flavour and texture improves once the frosts have started, and this variety is very popular for autumn and winter Italian cooking.

100 seeds

5 seedlings (200746-5)

10 seedlings

5 seedlings

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Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Sow Under Cover
Direct Sow/ Plant Out
Flowers/ Harvest


Edible Crop
Kitchen Garden
Neutral - Alkaline
1.2m (4ft)
Italian Heritage
Common name
Cavolo Nero
Moist but Well-drained
Full Sun
60cm (24in)
Sow March-early August under cover (in individual cells or gutters to minimise root disturbance). Sow direct from mid-April. Keep well watered. Plant out when seedlings are 7-8cm (3in) high, 45cm (18in) apart.


A wonderful crop for the winter vegetable garden. The flavour and texture improve once the frosts have started as its sugars are released by the cold. This variety is very popular for autumn and winter Italian cooking. I love this in a finely chopped topping for crostini, mixed with a few capers and green olives.

Please note, illustrated packets are being introduced gradually over the coming months, availability may vary.

Care Tips

Grows best on soil which has been manured the previous autumn. Protect against cabbage white butterflies with fine netting. Firm the soil well around plant base to prevent wind rock and provide stakes to support tall plants in autumn.