Episode 171 - Show Notes & Advice

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episode 171 | show notes & advice

episode description

The Victorian era gave the horticultural world one of the most charming designs for the cloche, or cold frame - a charm that’s being renewed by the wonderful Beth Gregg.

Arthur Parkinson hails Beth as the ‘Goddess of Cloches’ through her faithful revival of those original designs with Claverton Cloches. 

In this week’s ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’, learn what earns the cloche its spot in any garden, and how Beth breathes new life into an oft-overlooked apparatus.

In this episode, discover

  • Beth’s embrace of Victorian cloche design, and how Claverton Cloches channelled the charm of that era
  • Why cloches are wonderful for protecting seedlings from not only harsh temperatures, but brisk winds
  • The inspiration for Claverton’s different designs, and exciting future with their new garden hose
  • Beth’s appearance at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, sharing the joys of her handiwork

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Episode 171 advice sheet

The forgotten, overlooked role of cloches in our gardens (2:00)

The cloche serves our gardens twofold - firstly as a cold frame in which to protect our seedlings as they’re growing, but also as a glorious, ornamental addition to garden furniture.

Beth Gregg’s embrace of the beloved Victorian style cloche gives Claverton Cloches’ designs a rustic charm that make them so much more than a purely functional piece.

Why cloches are so useful, and where to put them to best use (10:00)

Seedlings struggle with excessive wind almost as much as extreme cold, so they’re a worthy addition for seed trays by the door, placed or further into the flower and veg garden.

We hear how Beth has seen her handiwork shipped around the world, used in some unconventional locations where one might not expect the need for a cold frame - a fact which brings her such joy and fulfilment.

Behind the different designs, and Claverton Cloches’ exciting future (17:30)

Beth has developed an exciting range so far, with a particularly captivating octagonal design, and the recent sustainably-focused garden hose. Beth shares how that lovely grounding of their products so far gives her the confidence to set her sights on other garden tools and furniture.