Episode 159 - Show Notes & Advice

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episode 159 | show notes & advice

episode description

Over 380 pots call Perch Hill home, and bring such joy and seasonal splendour, which makes Sarah’s latest book a must-read for anyone hoping to do the same in their own space.

Sarah’s joined by Arthur once again on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’, this week to share the inspirations behind her love of pots, her simple approach to beautifully combining colour palettes, and the huge range of subjects covered in the book: A Year Full of Pots.

In this episode, discover

  • Why Sarah chose to write on pots, and how she was inspired by Josie and Arthur
  • The four colour palettes that Sarah curates and combines to create gorgeous pot showings
  • Why ‘A Year Full of Pots’ is written in the same, simple to follow format as many cookbooks
  • The range and variety of topics covered within the book

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Episode 159 advice sheet

Sarah’s inspiration (1:45)

Among the many influences that prompted Sarah to write the latest in her ‘A Year Full of…’ series, she explains how Arthur Parkinson and Josie Lewis’ appreciation for pots and approach to planting them was an inspiration for the book.

Colour palettes and the cookery book style (6:00)

Many regular listeners might be familiar with the 4 groups into which she places flowers when considering their arrangement - Arthur brings attention to the fine tuned categories of ‘dark and rich’, ‘soft and warm’, ‘soft and cool’, and ‘boiled sweet’.

We also hear how some budding gardeners find a simple, cookbook style to allay the sometimes-intimidating nature of gardening books - a point which Sarah made sure to follow in writing A Year Full of Pots.

The range of pot scenarios covered in the book (9:50)

A Year Full of Pots doesn’t simply take you through which flowers are best performers throughout the year, it also tackles the arranging process with some intriguing variety, like the use of tabletop pots and verticality, or the types of flowers best suited to any level of light.

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