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episode 150 | show notes & advice

episode description

This episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ is one for the rose-lovers at a time when it’s ideal to start pruning, and there are few voices better suited to weigh in on roses than our own Josie Lewis.

Josie joins Arthur this week, as we hear her top tips on growing and pruning, the benefits of companion planting, which varieties have been standout favourites among Josie’s trials, and much more.

In this episode, discover

  • How to tackle the pruning of shrub roses like Timeless Purple and Hot Chocolate
  • Distinguishing features to help tell climbers apart from ramblers
  • Sources of inspiration for Perch Hill’s rose garden
  • Which flowers are fantastic for preventing black spot on your roses when companion planting together
  • The standout varieties that Josie enjoys most, from the timeless series to short climbers like ‘Scent from Heaven’

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Episode 150 advice sheet

What Josie looks for in new rose varieties (3:00)

Josie leads a great number of rose trials at Perch Hill, and she shares with Arthur the main aspects of these roses that she looks for. Above all else, they need to be great for colour and scent, followed by great life without too much fuss.

Josie’s approach to mulching around roses (5:00)

Mulching around roses can help manage their feeding and watering, particularly during hot summers like that which we had last year, and Josie talks us through some of the main considerations.

Pruning, staking and soil preparation (10:10)

We hear more on the treatment of the ground around your roses, and materials that Josie uses to tie her roses together.

Among this section is fantastic advice on how to distinguish climbers from ramblers, so that you can tell which varieties may be trained up structures.

Sources of inspiration and companion planting (16:15)

As Arthur notes, the rose garden at Perch Hill takes a novel approach to its lovely design, and Josie chats about her floral inspirations. We touch on the important role that salvias play, particularly the microphylla series, in preventing black spot in our gardens.

Absolute favourite varieties to plant (21:35)

To top off this episode, there’s a raft of fabulous rose varieties to inspire your own gardens, from two short climbers - The Simple Life and Scent from Heaven - to the picture perfect Timeless Purple.

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