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episode 149 | show notes & advice

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This week’s guest on the podcast is revered for her namesake’s brand, but away from fashion & homeware, Cath Kidston is embracing the aroma of scented-leaf pelargoniums in her new brand, C.Atherley.

Cath joins Sarah for a lovely conversation about her new brand, discovery of her favourite pelargoniums, and tips on propagating them in your garden.

In this episode, discover

  • Cath’s discovery of the scented-leaf pelargoniums front and centre of her new brand
  • Top tips for propagating pelargoniums at this time of year
  • Sarah’s 5 rules for taking cuttings from pelargoniums
  • The inspiration behind the name and direction of the new business, C.Atherley

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Episode 149 advice sheet

Cath Kidston’s previous brands and new, geranium-inspired venture (2:00)

Much of Cath’s acclaim comes from a brand forged in her own name, and she talks us through her journey from unlikely entrepreneur to household name.

Her namesake brand was founded in 1993, and we hear more on her growing appreciation for nature, which inspired many of her designs.

Discovering new fragrances through personal favourite pelargoniums (5:45)

One of Cath’s great loves in the garden feeds into C.Atherley, her new business - scented geraniums form the basis of the brand’s charming direction, with the first being the Radens variety.

Sarah and Cath indulge in sharing a number of their favourite varieties, particularly those with fantastic aroma.

Tips for propagating pelargoniums (10:00)

Sarah shares her experience with propagating pelargoniums, noting the moment she learned that the ideal time to propagate them is not spring, as some might expect, but between August and October.

Cath appreciates geraniums for how easy they are to bring in and out of the house, ideal for beginner gardeners hoping to invite nature into their home.

Further tips from Sarah include tips on feeding and watering during their dormant period, a time which invites patience rather than overwatering.

The inspiration behind of Cath’s new brand, C.Atherley (19:50)

The new business for Cath Kidston takes its name from her grandmother, and so she wraps up this episode with the delightful story from which the brand has grown.

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