Episode 119 - Show Notes & Advice

episode 119 | show notes & advice

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From Gardener’s World to seeking outdoor inspiration, this week Sarah talks about RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023 with Presenter and award-winning Garden Designer, Arit Anderson. From their similar experiences in TV production to the importance of sustainability in horticulture, Sarah and Arit share what makes RHS Chelsea so special. 

in this episode, discover

  • Sarah and Arit’s shared adoration for RHS Chelsea Flower Show
  • Setting a sustainable example
  • How Arit’s love of gardening began to grow

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Arit’s background (1:40)

Following a long career in fashion, Arit embarked on a garden design course at Capel Manor College in 2013, which she says gave her the foundations of becoming a competent and confident garden designer. 


After winning different awards at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show amongst others, and becoming recognised, Arit took up the position as one of the presenters on BBC Gardener’s World. 

RHS Chelsea Flower Show (15:22)

Arit says that she loves RHS Chelsea Flower Show for its multinational, creative, and exciting displays, which never fail to inspire everyone who attends. Arit explains that she has been attending the flower show for years, using it as a source of inspiration for colour and design in her fashion career. 


Arit also explains that the synergy between textiles and horticulture is very intertwined so when she would visit the show, she would always take photos and speak with the designers about their work using it as a great source of inspiration. Most notably, Arit remembers queueing and speaking with famous garden designers such as Adam Frost and Cleve West about the ideas behind their gardens. 


The family feel is also what sets RHS Chelsea Flower Show apart. From the media teams that televise the event, all the way to the designers, and the suppliers who exhibit, everyone who works on the show dedicates so much time and effort to making it happen. There are also opportunities to attend as a volunteer, something Arit recommends. 

Chelsea from a media perspective (20:15)

Arit says that RHS Chelsea is fascinating from a media perspective. In total, the programme is made up of 15 hours of televised content, and one minute’s worth of television is comprised of one hour’s worth of footage. And this doesn’t account for the research, transportation, scheduling, and storylines that go into the production. 


The teamwork is what makes Chelsea so rewarding for Arit, and the combined creative efforts go into making Chelsea what it is. 

Arit also explains that every show garden at Chelsea must now be able to be relocated as part of the sustainability efforts behind the production. Previously, the gardens would be ephemeral and dismantled after the event. It is up to everyone involved to consider their footprint, and what mark they are making on the planet as a result. 


Chelsea has a role to play in inspiring people and leading the way in encouraging sustainability. Arit is always inspired by gardeners who are also looking to make a difference and take a more sustainable approach to horticulture. 


This year, Garden Designer, Mark Greggory, has been challenged to deliver an RHS Chelsea garden that has as little carbon impact as possible. Arit explains that Mark’s enthusiasm is infectious and that he is always looking for sustainable alternatives that produce the same beautiful result. 


Mark’s Garden won’t comprise a concrete base, instead, he’ll be using old artisan methodologies to construct walls. All the plants that Mark will be using will also be sustainable.