Flower seeds

Turn your garden into a
well-stocked flower shop. You can have vases
full from spring through to late autumn.

Buy 11 packets of seed, and we'll send the cheapest free

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Flower Seeds at Sarah Raven

We send out a free instruction booklet with every order - a brilliant step-by-step guide to great results in your garden.

If you are new to gardening then understanding the types of seeds will really help you get to grips with how and when to sow them - in this article Sarah explains the difference between a perennial, annual, biennial, hardy and half-hardy seed.

Almost all our flowers are cut-and-come again so the more you pick, the more they flower. And most of our flower seeds are single colour, tall-stemmed forms which gives you an intensity or purity of colour hard to find in a mix.

Every one has been tried and tested, most for many years, in Sarah's garden at Perch Hill.