Lily-flowered tulip pot collection | why Sarah loves this

In this video Sarah discusses this elegant trio and explains how she curates tulip collections

This is our Lily-flowered tulip pot collection and it’s one of my favourites. I just wanted to talk you through how I put together a collection. What I always do whether it’s in the vase or a pot, is I choose three ingredients. The first I call my bride, which is the thing that I fall in love with and I want to dominate really. The second is my bridesmaid, which is the same colour as the bride but not as sumptuous, in some way. And the third is a gate crasher, which is a colour contrast. So in this collection, I’ve got the bride which is ‘Sarah Raven’, the bridesmaid is ‘Jan Reus’ and the gate crasher is the classic ‘Ballerina’.

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