how to make a home-made christmas tree

Make this in place of – or as well as – your fir tree this year. Brilliant everlasting branches mixed with the real thing, dripping with ruby-coloured baubles, birds and bells. It's fun an simple to make, and won't shed needles, will be easy to dispose of afterwards, and it's rustic and natural charm will delight your guests.

You will need:

  • 6 or 7 branches (depending on how branched they are) of alder, hazel, silver birch or willow – as tall as you dare. You should be able to order these from your local florist if you don't have anything suitable in the garden, or use artificial branches (such as our Everlasting alder, pussy willow and red berry branches) and store them away from year to year.
  • A large pot, filled with gravel or stones so it won't topple over
  • Sphagnum moss or dried leaves
  • Battery lights
  • A selection of small decorations, such as mini baubles, mini bells, and our glass birds
  • Coordinated ribbon to tie on the decorations
  • Bird light decorations
  • Large baubles

how to get the look

  1. Lodge your branches securely into the base of yous pot, anchored by the gravel/stones.
  2. Cover the stones with moss or dried leaves, gathered from the garden.
  3. Add your lights first, scattering them as widely as you can over your branch arrangement.
  4. Then add all your decorations, tied on with coordinated ribbon to add to the colour effect. With red, I use sage green.
  5. Add your twinkly birds in prime position.
  6. Finally, scatter a few large baubles at the base of your make-your-own-Christmas tree to complete the look.

useful kit...

Sphagnum Moss