erigeron karvinskianus | why sarah loves this

Sarah tells us why Erigeron karvinskianus is one of her favourite all-round garden plants.

A plant that you’ll find literally everywhere in my garden is Erigeron karvinskianus, and it’s a plant that is everywhere because it self-seeds in all the nooks and crannies in the paths, in the gravel, on steps, in little awkward corners like this between a wall and a gate, and that might put some of you off because you think ‘oh no, it’s going to become a weed’, but it really shouldn’t because it never takes over, it’s not like one of those grasses that colonise the whole of the garden. It just behaves in a really lovely discrete and pretty way, and you get these clouds of daisy flowers, that honestly come into flower in April, and I’m kneeling here at the end of October and it’s still in full bloom, and what we find is if it gets a bit tired, we give it a haircut and it springs back into life and flowers immediately again. So it’s one of my very, very favourite all-round garden plants.

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