Candles, Candleholders & Lanterns

The right lighting can dramatically affect a space, indoor or out, and nothing quite beats the natural glow of a well-positioned candle (or two, or ten), or even a hanging lantern. If you’re worried about overdoing it, know that as far as candlelight is concerned, you can’t! 

A simple but effective way to decorate a table, mantelpiece or side table, is with tealights. Place them in our colourful Ribbed Tealight Holders, which glow gold when lit. For tealights in the garden, use our Garden Tealight Stakes.

Our multiple shades of Dinner Candle Sets will suit all tastes and colour themes, for which we have matching table napkins too, as well as candleholders, short and tall, both in coloured glass and in a plain brass finish. 

For those who like the candlelight effect, but prefer no naked flame, our Pillar Candles (Slim Pillar Battery Candle and Outdoor Pillar Battery Candle) are very realistic. We even have Battery Tealights, which are ideal for a children’s table. 

Lanterns are making a big comeback and we have six different styles; from rustic (Grey Rustic Lantern), to minimalist and modern (Hanging Tealight Lantern) or Moroccan-themed to St Mawes - more of a traditional coastal lantern. Some are available in multiple sizes. These are great to decorate steps, doorstep or doorway.

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