Wild Flowers

Wild Flower Seeds

These few, carefully selected species are hugely handsome, flower for ages, make beautiful cut flowers and are easy to grow.
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  1. Country Lane Mix

    Starting at £9.95

    Available as 100g, 10g

  2. Sarah Raven Wild Flower Meadow Mix Seeds

    Starting at £7.50

    Available as 10g of seed, 100g of seed, 3 x 10g of seed, seed shaker

  3. Anthriscus sylvestris 'Ravenswing'


    Available as 15 seeds

  4. Bluebell Woodland Mix

    Starting at £9.95

    Available as 100g

  5. Borage White


    Available as 60 seeds

  6. Borago officinalis (Borage)


    Available as 60 seeds

  7. Centaurea cyanus (Wild Cornflower)


    Available as 150 seeds

  8. Corydalis lutea


    Available as 30 seeds

  9. Cottage Garden Mix

    Starting at £3.95

    Available as 6g of seed, seed shaker, 2 seed shakers

  10. Daucus carota 'Purple Kisses' Mix


    Available as 150 seeds

  11. Daucus carota (Wild Carrot)


    Available as 100 seeds

  12. Delft Blue and White Meadow Mix

    Starting at £4.50

    Available as 6g of seed, seed shaker, 2 seed shakers

  13. Digitalis purpurea f. albiflora

    Starting at £1.95

    Available as 340 seeds, 1 x 9cm pot, 1 x 2 litre pot

  14. Echium vulgare 'Blue Bedder'


    Available as 200 seeds

  15. Flowers for Shady Places

    Starting at £4.50

    Available as 6g of seed

  16. Jewel Cut Flower Mix

    Starting at £4.50

    Available as seed shaker, 2 seed shakers

  17. Leucanthemum vulgare


    Available as 750 seeds

  18. Lychnis flos-cuculi 'White Robin'


    Available as 200 seeds

  19. Meadow for Birds


    Available as 6g seed, plus buckwheat husks, to cover 3m x 1m or equivalent area.

  20. Meconopsis cambrica


    Available as 150 seeds

Wild Flower Seeds at Sarah Raven

We all need to grow more wild flowers and nectar-rich plants to help reverse the downward trend amongst our pollinators... whichever system you use, they'll make a brilliant and beautiful contribution for you and our pollinators to enjoy.

All our wild flower seeds are trialled in Sarah's garden at Perch Hill and selected for their quality; they also come with free seed planting instructions.