Vegetable Seeds

Vegetable Seeds

Growing vegetables from seed will give you delicious, tasty suppers all year round.
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  1. Beetroot Collection

    Starting at £4.50

    Available as 3 packets of seed, 15 seedlings

  2. Easy Summer Veg Collection


    Available as 5 packs of seed

  3. Essential Tomato Seed Collection


    Available as 3 packets of seed

  4. Year Round Vegetable Seed Collection


    Available as seed tin

Vegetable Seeds at Sarah Raven

Growing my own vegetables from seed is one of the most rewarding things I do. I love being able to wander outside and pick fresh food for lunch or dinner. We trial all our vegetable seeds and only the varieties we love make it into our range.

All these vegetable seeds are productive and delicious. We've marked the vegetable seeds which are easy to grow and we tell you the sowing and harvesting times. We also send out full vegetable seed sowing instructions with every order.