Veg & Fruit Seed Collections

Veg & Fruit Seed Collections

Sarah's pick of the best varieties to get you started with your vegetable patch.
6 products
  1. Autumn and Winter Salad Leaf Mix


    Available as 500 seeds

  2. Beetroot Collection

    Starting at £4.50

    Available as 3 packets of seed, 15 seedlings

  3. Easy Summer Veg Collection


    Available as 5 packs of seed

  4. Organic Lettuce Seed Collection


    Available as 2 packets of seed (500 in each)

  5. Summer Salad Leaf Mix


    Available as 500 seeds

  6. Hardy Winter Herb Collection


    Available as 3 packs of seed

Vegetable Seed Collections at Sarah Raven

Our vegetable seed collections have some of the tastiest and most productive varieties to see you through the year. From salads to tomatoes, and selections for small veg plots, we have trialled and tested them at Perch Hill to ensure you get the best. Our seeds also come with free planting instructions.