Florence Fennel 'Romanesco'

A summer sowing variety, which forms the largest, most succulent bulbs, yes remains tasty, tender and sweet. More
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A summer sowing variety, which forms the largest, most succulent bulbs, yet it remains tasty, tender and sweet. Out of the many varieties I've tried, this one reigns supreme, bulbing up well in my garden. The secret with this and any Florence fennel is not to sow too early.

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Genus Foeniculum
Group/Species vulgare var. azoricum
Variety Romanesco
Common Name Florence Fennel, Bulbing Fennel
Border Position Kitchen Garden
Soil Type Broad Tolerance
Site Full Sun
Moisture Moist but Well-drained
Height 90cm (36in)
Spacing 30cm (12in)
Sowing, Seeds, Planting Sow direct June - August. You can speed the germination process up by sowing into a length of guttering under cover and transplanting outside.
Care Tips This requires consistent moisture levels to prevent bolting. If you allow one of these to go to seed, you won't need to plant it again for a few years. Grow in a corner of your garden that is far away from other plants, as this will inhibit it's growth.
Storing Store in the fridge for 3-4 days - it will lose it's flavour with time, so preferably eat it within 24 hours of picking.
Harvesting September-October, once the bulbs have reached the size of a tennis ball. Leave the roots in the ground, so that it can regrow. These are hardy, so will continue to grow even during hard frosts.
Cooking Notes Enjoy the stalks, bulbs and leaves raw or cooked. Try Sarah's Roasted fennel and grape flatbread recipe, or fennel and apple salad with roasted pumpkin seeds.
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  • Sow Under Cover/Plant Indoors
  • Direct Sow/Plant Outdoors
  • Flowers/Harvest
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Reviewed 31st July 2019 by Sheila

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Reviewed 31st July 2019 by Elizabeth

Did not germinate very well and have a few very sickly seedlings