Edible Flower Seeds

Edible Flower Seeds

Try growing some edible flowers to sprinkle on your salads – once you start, a salad looks bare without them.
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    Alcea rosea 'Giant Single Mixed'

    One of the best-ever cottage garden – and classic churchyard – favourites. If possible, give these a dose of copper mixture to keep rust at bay.

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    All Year Edible Flower Seed Collection

    No mixed salad is complete without a scattering of edible flowers. This collection includes 4 packets of our favourite varieties which will give you delicious edible flowers all year round. They are easy to grow, flowering more the more you pick them. They will transform your salads and make your…

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    Amaranthus caudatus 'Viridis'

    Amaranthus caudatus 'Viridis' has long, soft tassels of pale, fresh acid-green. One of my favourites. This makes one of the best upper level foliage plants for an elegant, mixed arrangement. Perfect for mixing with dahlias and sunflowers, or arranging in a large vase on its own.

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    Amaranthus tricolor 'Red Army'

    Amaranthus tricolor 'Red Army' is an invaluable foliage in a deep red crimson for the late summer and autumn garden and vase. Pick above a leaf and it will bush out quickly to be picked again.

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    Anchusa azurea 'Dropmore'

    Anchusa azurea 'Dropmore' is one of my favourite edible flowers for salads and ice cubes. It is an excellent May-July flowering garden plant in the most incredible blue – a perennial which is quick and easy to grow from seed and makes a lovely cut flower.

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    Anethum graveolens (Dill)

    Anethum graveolens (Dill) is a brilliant, acid-green filler, with so many different roles – its leaves are invaluable for cooking, its flowers for decorating salads and arranging, and its seeds for salads, baking and tagines. As a cut flower, it's good with whites and blues or rich, brilliant…

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    Basil 'Sweet Genovese'

    Sweet basil is the best aromatic basil, with a sweet taste and soft, tender texture. Perfect raw with tomatoes and as the main ingredient for a fresh pesto. In the middle of summer, when this organic Basil 'Sweet' is growing fast, stash the flavour away in basil oil to use on pasta and salads right…

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    Bellis perennis 'Goliath'

    One of the loveliest spring cottage garden favourite containers to start the year.

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    Borage 'Blue'

    The classic blue-flowered borage to decorate Pimms, summer drinks and puddings. Brilliant for pollinators and an excellent edible flower. Freeze flowers in ice cubes, or wilt the leaves for a sauce for pasta and stuffing for ravioli.

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    Calendula officinalis 'Indian Prince'

    I love marigolds in the garden and the cutting patch. Calendula officinalis 'Indian Prince' is a deep-orange, with buds and backs of petals in crimson. I use them in brilliant-coloured arrangements and eat the petals in salads. This is also lovely dipped in batter for garden Fritto Misto or make…

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    Calendula officinalis 'Neon'

    Calendula officinalis 'Neon' has burgundy buds that open into bright orange petals tipped with dark red. It's larger and showier, with many more petals than 'Indian Prince'.

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    Calendula officinalis 'Snow Princess'

    The softest primrose pot marigold, or calendula, its heart and petal tips fringed crimson. 'Snow Princess' is even hardier than the already hardy other calendulas, so can be sown very early in spring or in the autumn for late spring-flowering.

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    Calendula officinalis 'Sunset Buff'

    Calendula officinalis 'Sunset Buff' is the soft buff-apricot version of 'Indian Prince' with the same crimson petal backs but a much more subtle overall flower colour.

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    Calendula officinalis 'Touch of Red Buff'

    Glamorous new calendula with coffee-cream petal fronts and crimson reverse. With the two tones, these grow and cut to mix with almost any colour in a border or vase and are super quick from seed to flower.

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    Calendula officinalis 'Touch of Red Mix'

    Calendula 'Touch of Red Mix' is perfect for a mixed jug of simple flowers with yellow, cream, apricot and orange, all with a rich crimson petal reverse. It will lightly self-sow.

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    Centaurea cyanus 'Black Ball'

    Centaurea cyanus 'Black Ball' has dark crimson double flowers, whose colour doesn't fade. It dries brilliantly too. A long standing favourite. No cottage garden is complete without it's cornflowers – Loved by Pollinators and brilliant cut flowers. We use lots of them for wedding and party…

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    Centaurea cyanus 'Blue Boy'

    Centaurea cyanus 'Blue Boy' is a large-flowered cornflower in classic bright blue. This wonderful coloured bloom will continue for 2-3 months in the summer. This is one of the prettiest wild flowers, and it used to populate entire fields with its incredible hue. It's juice even used to be extracted…

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    Centaurea cyanus 'Polka Dot Mixed'

    A wonderful array of beautiful coloured cornflowers, which can be just scattered into the garden to fill a sunny corner for weeks at a stretch.No cottage garden is complete without its cornflowers – Loved by Pollinators and brilliant as cut flowers. We use lots of them for wedding and party…

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    Centaurea cyanus 'Red Boy'

    I've just rediscovered this raspberry red compact cornflower which is very easy to grow sown direct or under cover. It's simple and stylish in a vase and dries (to make great natural confetti or pot-pourri).

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    Centaurea cyanus 'White'

    The perfect filler in the garden and vase. It flowers longer than the blue centaurea and dries well. It's a must-have bridal and buttonhole flower, and I love it for everyday.

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    Centaurea cyanus (Wild Cornflower)

    Quick and easy, colourful British favourites. Ideal for naturalising, and will attract bees and butterflies.

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    Chicory 'Variegato di Castelfranco'

    I am mad keen on chicory. They are incredibly hardy, totally invaluable plants for the winter vegetable patch and not nearly widely enough grown in Britain. Chicory is good raw in a mixed leaf salad and even better cooked when the leaves lose their bitterness. This traditional variety of chicory is…

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    Cima di Rapa (Broccoli raab)

    This is an incredible green-budded variety of sprouting broccoli, which crops more heavily and much more quickly from seed to harvest than Purple Sprouting. Hardy, prolific and very tasty, much favoured by the River Cafe team for winter pastas and soups. This is delicious cooked and then stir…

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    Coriander Leaf Form 'Leisure'

    This is the leaf form of coriander which is slower to bolt than all other forms. You can cook few Oriental meals without it and we eat the flowers and green seeds in salads. Sow little and often in the early spring and autumn, not in the hot, dry months of summer. We picked this right through the…

Edible Flower Seeds at Sarah Raven

Edible flowers are so beautiful scattered in salads or used to flavour cordials and ice cream.

All our edible-flower seeds are trialled in Sarah's garden at Perch Hill and selected for their quality; they also come with free seed planting instructions.

Learn how to use them in salads and how to grow them.