Pumpkin 'Munchkin' (Climbing)

Pumpkin 'Munchkin' is a lovely mini pumpkin which is easy to grow. It is also a beautiful and ornamental climber growing up and over arches and frames. More
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Pumpkin 'Munchkin' is a lovely mini pumpkin. Roast it on a bed of rosemary. Slice off the top, scoop out the seeds and eat the flesh with a teaspoon – with butter or oil – like a boiled egg. Very prolific.

It is also a beautiful and ornamental climber growing up and over arches and frames and sprayed silver, they make a fantastic Christmas decoration.

Genus Cucurbita pepo
Variety Munchkin
Type Half-Hardy Annual
Common Name Climbing Pumpkin
Soil Type Fertile
Site Full Sun, Shelter
Moisture Moist
Height 150-180cm (60-72in)
Spacing 60-90cm (24-36in) apart with 1m (39in) between rows
Sowing, Seeds, Planting Sow under cover in late March. Soak the seed overnight, then sow 2.5cm vertically, one to a 9cm pot. The seeds are large and may rot off before they germinate if sown flat. Once they have 5 or 6 leaves, they're ready to go out. Harden them off by standing them outside during the day and then plant them out once the frosts are over. You can also sow them direct into the ground outside from April - May, if you wait until after the frosts.
Care Tips Water well, and avoid the plant becoming dry. Mulch well, and dig in plenty of manure. Will need a frame to climb up.
Storing Store throughout the winter in a place with good air circulation. For best results, hang in an onion bag after curing in the sun for 10 days.
Harvesting July - October
Cooking Notes Brilliant for soups and roasted in the oven.
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  • Sow Under Cover/Plant Indoors
  • Direct Sow/Plant Outdoors
  • Flowers/Harvest
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