Seed Potatoes

Seed Potatoes

We've done years of potato trials in the garden at Perch Hill. All of these are easy to grow, with fabulous taste and texture.
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    Potato 'Belle de Fontenay'

    Potato 'Belle de Fontenay' is a favourite classic early maincrop French salad potato. It has a smooth, firm, waxy texture with an excellent taste - great for salad and boiling.

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    Potato 'Charlotte'

    These have a good, long shape with yellow flesh and skin. They are one of the very best all-rounder potatoes and ideal if you want to grow just one variety. Second Earlies are planted between March and May and harvested in July and August. These take just over four months from planting to first…

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    Potato 'International Kidney'

    My number one early potato for late spring and summer eating, with an excellent taste and texture. It's also good for forcing in bags inside for a crop in May.

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    Potato 'Kestrel'

    A second-early with a unique purple blush, passed on from its parent variety, ‘Cara’. This is delicious; slightly sweet and perfect for mashing or roasting.

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    Potato 'Nicola'

    A wonderful tasting waxy new potato which became one of our top favourites this year. It was heavy yielding and healthy and stored well for eating right throughout the summer.

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    Potato 'Pink Fir Apple'

    Potato 'Pink Fir Apple' is a late-maturing salad potato for harvesting in the autumn. It's a favourite with chefs as it has an excellent flavour and texture. You may need to spray to avoid blight, so tricky for the organic gardener but really superb this year. It loved the dry June and July, wet…

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    Potato 'Ratte'

    Delicious nutty taste like chestnuts, prized in France for its flavour for over 70 years. It did really well in our trial, producing tons of little potatoes with firm waxy flesh which does not disintegrate. Steam in skin and eat hot or cold. Maincrops are planted between March and May with…

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    Potato 'Winston'

    Potato 'Winston' is an early potato that quickly produces delicious potatoes of a good large baking size. I grow this for my summer bakers, chips or mash. Its quick growth makes one think it won't taste good, but it tastes superb and is hugely prolific.

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    Sarah's Container Potato Collection

    A few years ago, we did a trial at Perch Hill of the best potatoes for growing in bags. This system works brilliantly, and means you won't have to use up precious space in the garden. These seed potatoes can be planted in February-March for cropping in May and June, or in March-April for cropping…

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    Sarah's Favourite Early-Mid Season Potato Collection

    My favourite Early – Mid season seed potatoes for planting in March and cropping in June and July. Home-grown potatoes are easy to grow and taste so much better. Grow your own salad and vegetables and you'll always have something for supper. Our potatoes are tried and tested – we only…

Potato Tubers at Sarah Raven

You've got to grow a few of your own potatoes. Harvest then cook them almost instantly for the most incredible flavour. Our potatoes come with full planting instructions too, so you'll have guidance on when and how to chit and plant your chosen varieties.