Edible Flower Seeds

Edible Flower Seeds

Try growing some edible flowers to sprinkle on your salads – once you start, a salad looks bare without them.
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    Dahlia variabilis 'Bishop's Children'

    Brilliant, richly coloured flowers in deep pink, burnt orange, plum purple and blood red, all set against dark crimson foliage. Overwinter under mulch in the south to be perennial. It is a brilliant companion plant for the veg garden, drawing in lots of pollinators to up production of your…

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    Dianthus barbatus 'Electron Mix'

    An exceptional Sweet William which behaves like a perennial at Perch Hill, now flowering for it’s third year with excellent tall, straight stems.

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    Dianthus barbatus 'Sweet Pink Magic' F1

    Three colours on one plant, this makes a pretty and harmonious collection. Brilliant for containers, as a cut flower and border filler.

Edible Flower Seeds at Sarah Raven

Edible flowers are so beautiful scattered in salads or used to flavour cordials and ice cream.

All our edible-flower seeds are trialled in Sarah's garden at Perch Hill and selected for their quality; they also come with free seed planting instructions.

Learn how to use them in salads and how to grow them.