Salad & Herb Seeds to Sow in March

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    Anethum graveolens (Dill)

    Anethum graveolens (Dill) is a brilliant, acid-green filler, with so many different roles – its leaves are invaluable for cooking, its flowers for decorating salads and arranging, and its seeds for salads, baking and tagines. As a cut flower, it's good with whites and blues or rich, brilliant…

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    Asolo Lettuce Mix

    I spent time when I was a child staying in the beautiful medieval hill town, Asolo. It's in the foothills of the Dolomites in Italy and where we had a mixed baby leaf salad most days. You buy it on almost every market stall, and take it home and dress it with a little olive oil and the juice of a…

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    Autumn and Winter Salad Leaf Mix

    For this time of year, you need the truly hardy varieties, which will grow well outside your door, or in window boxes or containers, even if your winters get very cold. For sowing anytime between late August and March. This mix includes: Mustard 'Red Lace' Mustard 'Green Frills' Salad Rocket…

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    Basil 'Greek'

    Small-leaved, strong-flavoured basil which is easy to train to look brilliant in containers.

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    Best Summer Lettuces Mix

    The best salads often have lettuce as their base – to give you background flavours and plenty of crunch. These are our top favourite lettuce varieties for the summer. We've chosen these lettuces because they performed best on taste and productivity in the garden. This collection contains:…

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    Best Winter Lettuces Mix

    The best salads often have lettuce as their base – to give you background flavours and plenty of crunch. These are our top favourite lettuce varieties for the winter. We've chosen these lettuces because they performed best on taste and productivity in the garden. This collection contains:…

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    Borago officinalis (Borage)

    The classic blue-flowered borage to decorate Pimms, summer drinks and puddings. Brilliant for pollinators and an excellent edible flower. Freeze flowers in ice cubes, or wilt the leaves for a sauce for pasta and stuffing for ravioli.

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    Chard 'Bright Lights'

    Chard 'Bright Lights' has brilliant coloured leaves, amazing in the garden and the salad bowl. You'll need only one or two sowings for growing all year, as this stunning variety is very slow to bolt. A must for the ornamental veg garden. Use the baby leaves raw in salad and larger leaves cooked…

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    Chard 'White Silver 2'

    Chard 'White Silver 2' has the best flavour of any chard and looks wonderful with its chunky white-stems. A hugely long producing and worthwhile plant. Chard is one of my desert island veg because you can pick it for months on end and there are so many fantastic ways to cook it . Make sure to strip…

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    Chicory 'Variegato di Castelfranco'

    I am mad keen on chicory. They are incredibly hardy, totally invaluable plants for the winter vegetable patch and not nearly widely enough grown in Britain. Chicory is good raw in a mixed leaf salad and even better cooked when the leaves lose their bitterness. This traditional variety of chicory is…

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    Coriander Leaf Form 'Leisure'

    This is the leaf form of coriander which is slower to bolt than all other forms. You can cook few Oriental meals without it and we eat the flowers and green seeds in salads. Sow little and often in the early spring and autumn, not in the hot, dry months of summer. We picked this right through the…

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    Cucumber 'La Diva'

    Cucumber 'La Diva' is a brilliant mini cucumber, the size of a large cigar. This is perfect for crudites. My children love this, quartered lengthways for dipping into smoked mackerel pate and humus. It's an easy-to-grow, absolutely delicious and prolific variety.

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    Dill 'Tetra'

    Brilliant so-called ‘Tetraploid’ dill variety, loved for its dark green leaves and slowness to bolt, so ideal for the herb and veg garden.

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    French Sorrel (Rumex scutatus)

    The great thing about this French sorrel is that it's perennial and is one of the first leaves to emerge in very early spring. I can usually pick my first leaves of French Sorrel to add to a mixed leaf salad, or to flavour a delicious soup by the end of February. French Sorrel is reminiscent of…

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    Garlic Chives

    These seeds are cut-and-come-again garlic chives with white edible flowers that taste gently of garlic and are flat – not round – in their leaf profile. Garlic chives grow and flower much later than ordinary chives (I'm still picking them in November), so have a succession of both…

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    Kale 'Jagallo Nero'

    A beautiful and elegant leaved kale variety, which is also tender, so ideal for salads.

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    Kale 'Nero di Toscana'

    Kale is a wonderful crop for the winter vegetable garden. The flavour and texture improves once the frosts have started in early winter releasing it's sugars. Kale is a fantastic winter 'superfood'. Kale 'Nero di Toscana' has upright smoky green-black leaves, crinkled and handsome like a tall Savoy…

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    Kale 'Redbor' F1 Hybrid

    We should all grow Kale 'Redbor'. It's delicious shallow-fried, makes the best Chinese seaweed and looks fantastic right the way through the year, fitting well into an ornamental border. Try 'Redbor' raw, finely chopped in an autumn salad with slithers of raw pumpkin, marinated in lemon juice and…

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    Lemon basil

    Delicious in salads, dressings and infused in boiling water as a tissane. More of us should grow this for summer harvest and with stem ends seared for 10 seconds, it makes a lovely foliage filler for the vase.

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    Lettuce 'Black Seeded Simpson'

    Lettuce 'Black Seeded Simpson' is my favourite large, crunchy and tasty hearting lettuce that has done exceptionally well in our trials several years running. You can grow 'Black Seeded Simpson' and harvest as baby leaf, or leave it to make huge and crunchy hearts. It is reliably hardy with us,…

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    Lettuce 'Descartes'

    Lettuce 'Descartes' is one of the most handsome and elegant lettuces I've ever seen. Perfect for pots or any prominent patch in the garden.

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    Lettuce 'Jabeque'

    A lovely mini Cos lettuce which has now outdone 'Little Gem' in our trials for sweetness of taste and crunch and slowness to bolt and so replaced it.

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    Lettuce 'Merveille de Quatre Saisons'

    Lettuce 'Merveille de Quatre Saisons' is an old variety with a big, open structure and beautiful, crumpled bronze outer leaves around a good, small heart. Excellent flavour. Avoid the very hot, dry months, but ideal for serial sowing, three or four times from early spring to autumn, for picking…

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    Lettuce 'Red Salad Bowl'

    Grow this and you will be picking it all summer long; this cut-and-come-again lettuce is slow to bolt and is great in a salad mixed with other leaves.