Seeds for Direct Sowing

A quick and easy way to plug gaps in garden borders, direct sowing means you can cast seed straight on the bare soil without any need for nurturing and transplanting. This style of sowing is perfect for a more natural, informal garden and ideal for those with less time to spend on growing plants from seed. Here we have selected the best flower varieties for direct sowing. These flower seeds don't need to be started off inside and can easily be sown out in the garden once the weather is warm enough. 

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  • Sarah Raven Wild Flower Meadow Mix Seeds

    Sarah Raven Wild Flower Meadow Mix Seeds

    From £11.50
    Available as
    100g of wildflower (20%) and grass seed (80%) mix (to cover up to 25m² or equivalent area)
    1 packet of seed (10g seed to cover up to 10m² or equivalent area)
    Seed Shaker (18g seed to cover up to 18m²)
  • Cottage Garden Mix

    Cottage Garden Mix

    From £4.50
    Available as
    Seed Shaker
    2 Seed Shakers
    6g seed plus buckwheat husks (to cover 2.5m x 1m or equivalent area)

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