Flower Seed Collections

If you want to grow flowers from seed, but you're not sure where to start or what to grow together, why not try one of our flower seed collections? Here we've put together brilliant collections and flower seed combinations; follow our easy instructions and you won't look back. We have a wide range of styles and colour palettes to choose from. Many of these collections thrive on being picked, but cut or not, they will fill your garden with colour and texture.

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  • Bluebell Woodland Mix

    Bluebell Woodland Mix

    from £9.95
    Available as
    10g of pure wildflower seed (to cover up to 12.5m²)
    100g of wildflower (20%) and grass seed (80%) mix (to cover up to 25m²)
  • Meadow for Birds

    Meadow for Birds

    Available as
    6g seed
    plus buckwheat husks
    to cover 3m x 1m or equivalent area.

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