Buddleia 'Dreaming Purple'

Cascades of purple flowers against a curtain of silver, glaucus foliage that will be covered from top to bottom in pollinators. More
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A compact trailing buddleia, a perfect size for pots, which flowers long and hard, summer and autumn and as soon as the sun comes out is covered in butterflies and bees.

Genus Buddleia
Variety Dreaming Purple
Type Deciduous Sub-shrub
Common Name Butterfly Bush
Border Position Middle
Soil Type Fertile, Neutral
Scent Scented
Site Full Sun, Shelter
Moisture Well-drained
Height 45cm (18in)
Spacing Trailing 60cm (24in)
Sowing, Seeds, Planting As a general guide, we recommend about 9-10 seedlings or rooted cuttings per 40cm (16in) diameter pot and roughly half as many young plants or 9cm plants to fill a pot of the same size. When planting up your container use as big a pot as you can. Large volumes of compost will take longer to dry out and won't need to be watered so often. Put plenty of crocks in the bottom to aid drainage, then fill the pot with a quality peat free compost. Firm your plants in well and back-fill with compost, so there are no bare roots. These dry out very quickly. Water the plants in really well, then back-fill with a bit more compost if the surface has sunk more than an inch below the plant rim.
Care Tips Water and dead-head as often as you can and start a weekly feed after about a month. Prune back hard in early spring.
Flowering June - September
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
  • Sow Under Cover/Plant Indoors
  • Direct Sow/Plant Outdoors
  • Flowers/Harvest
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Buddleia 'Dreaming Purple' reviews

* * * * - Average based on 23 reviews

* * * * *

Reviewed 11th December 2018 by Rowland

* * * * *

Reviewed 21st November 2018 by Sara

Beautiful, healthy plant. Arrived quickly & well packaged.

* * * * *

Reviewed 20th November 2018 by Ann

A very mature plant which has performed well.

* * * * *

Reviewed 31st October 2018 by Suzanne

* * * * *

Reviewed 3rd October 2018 by Alison

Good strong plants. Look lovely in container on the patio.

* * * * -

Reviewed 3rd October 2018 by Mrs Gill

The nemesia have been great and still going strong. The buddelia have flowered but not as much as expected, hence the 4 stars.

* * - - -

Reviewed 3rd October 2018 by Alice

Very small plants that did not grow and did not grow. In the end they did produce some flowering shoots. But though ultimately quite tall, they were spindly and not very effective in my big vases of good compost!

Buddleia ‘Dreaming Purple’

* * * * *

Reviewed 24th September 2018 by Helen Jones

Bought as young plants. Potted them on and planted out into containers in full sun. Was thrilled with the results. All plants performed well and flowered for months. They also grew to a good size and cascaded over the containers as I had hoped.

* * - - -

Reviewed 21st September 2018 by Alison

All three survived, one I gave to my daughter the other two have been brilliant

* * * * -

Reviewed 19th September 2018 by Edith

I put the buddlia in 3 different locations ,one flowered well the other 2 not very well.

* * - - -

Reviewed 19th September 2018 by Linda

Only one is just hanging on. The other two are no more! Followed all the advice for success but no luck.
Not going to buy plants unseen again. Too much of a lottery.

Reply from the Sarah Raven Team:

"Thank you for leaving your review. We are very sorry to hear of your disappointment with your Buddleia and have refunded you for them."

Posted 7th November 2018

* * * * *

Reviewed 19th September 2018 by Julie


* - - - -

Reviewed 19th September 2018 by Phil

All three plants were very small when they arrived but never the less healthy looking. I followed the planting instructions. The three plants ended up planted in large containers. One is still alive but still only 4” tall. One I have dug up and placed in compost as it’s not showing any growth signs. There are a couple of green leaves but the root ball is tiny and all that’s left of the third one is the dried out stork so not very happy with my purchase.

Reply from the Sarah Raven Team:

"Thank you for leaving your review. We are very sorry to hear of your disappointment with your Buddleia and have refunded you for them."

Posted 7th November 2018

* * * * *

Reviewed 18th September 2018 by Pauline

* * - - -

Reviewed 14th September 2018 by Ann

Did not flower as well as expected!

* * - - -

Reviewed 12th September 2018 by Cathy

Very slow to get going, although this could have been due to the hot weather in early summer. Much more bushy now but few flowers, as yet.

* * * * -

Reviewed 12th September 2018 by Sue

The plant was quite small when delivered however I did complain and a larger plant was sent

* * * * -

Reviewed 5th September 2018 by Miss Walker

Has performed well and is still flowering.

* * * * -

Reviewed 3rd September 2018 by Christopher

They have flowered well with a great scent. Very popular with bees and butterflies. However, one buddleia suddenly died for no obvious reason. I removed it and the others have been fine.

Thank you

Christopher Hand

very tiny plant

* - - - -

Reviewed 16th July 2018 by Ulrike Baranowski

Cheap - so I suppose okay for the price - but be aware it arrives tiny - and unfortunately it broke as I potted it on. Trying to get it rerooted but I suppose it will not do this time round.

Not sure what I've done wrong

* * * - -

Reviewed 7th June 2017 by Annabel Martin

I had some last year and they were lovely. This year I received 10 of them and potted them up as soon as they arrived and kept them in the greenhouse until all danger of frost over. 7 of them are absolutely fine, looking healthy and happy, 3 just died. A 30% attrition rate seems a bit high and I wonder what I could have done to prevent it?

Reply from the Sarah Raven Team:

"Thank you for your feedback.

We are sorry to hear that not all of your Buddleia survived, although are pleased that the remainder are doing well.
Please do contact our Customer Service Team on 0345 092 0283 or info@sarahraven.com and they will happily discuss this further and offer advice if you wish.

Kind regards,
The Sarah Raven Team"

Posted 17th July 2017

Super plants

* * * * *

Reviewed 9th September 2016 by Christine Carter

These little Buddleia 'Dreaming Lavender' arrived as plug plants and I planted them up the same day. I am so pleased with them. They have flowered non-stop all summer long, and still going. I put them in hanging baskets, with fuscias. Although I think next season I will just have trailing greenery with them. The fuscias took over the baskets a bit! And the buddleia alone with just greenery will look glorious, with nothing to detract from the wonderful flowers produced. Will pot them out of the baskets before the weather gets too cold and put in a sheltered spot ready to plant up next year. They really are super plants.


* - - - -

Reviewed 1st May 2016 by Anne

Despite them being sold as plug plants I was very disappointed with the size and although they are healthy enough they are not suitable for putting into a mixed combination of container plants as shown because they could well become smothered and then possibly die. I am sure they will be fine for next year but not convinced for this year. I am waiting for a replacement which I hope will be bigger

Reply from the Sarah Raven Team:

"Thank you for your feedback, sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the plug plants. If you space them 10-15cm apart this should prevent them from being over shadowed by the other varieties. This is our second year of doing this variety in plug plant form and they were very sucessful last year and should develop flowers for you in their first year and then go on to establish more year after year."

Posted 20th May 2016