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Shade Trough Pot Collection

Great shapes, scent, incredible texture and then splashes of colour, rich and bright. All low maintenance and super-easy to grow.

9 x 9cm pots


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Direct Sow/ Plant Out
Flowers/ Harvest


Container Garden
Broad Tolerance
June - November
45cm (18in)
Moist but Well-drained
Part Shade


It’s sometimes hard to get the feeling of real lushness and abundance in the shade and that can feel like something missing in a garden, and yet that’s all some (particularly urban) gardens have – light or deeper shade. We’ve been experimenting with combinations all along the north-facing wall of our barn over the years and this is the triumphant and best combination — great shapes (particularly from the pair of plectranthus), scent (from the pelargonium), incredible texture (pelargonium and fuschia) and then splashes of colour, rich and bright (from the whole lot). They’re all low maintenance and super-easy to grow.

This collection contains:

Care Tips

Water and deadhead as often as you can and start a weekly feed after about a month. The plants will need protection from early frosts, so keep somewhere frost-free in the spring.