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Ginger Snap Tulip Collection in a Gift Box (50 bulbs)

I went to Holland last spring, determined to recreate the Brandy Snap Tulip collection. Ta-da – here it is — exceptionally lovely!

50 bulbs in a Gift Box

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Direct Sow
Flowers/ Harvest


Broad Tolerance
45cm (18in)
Full Sun
Don’t plant tulips until mid-late October. Plant pointy end up 10-15cm deep, 8cm apart in borders (less in containers). You can use a mycorrhizal Bulb Starter.


Those of you that have been customers for years will remember our beautiful and unusual Brandy Snap Tulip collection, which was my favourite for a decade. Sadly, several varieties became unavailable so we had to drop it till I went to Holland last spring, determined to recreate it. Ta-da – here it is — exceptionally lovely!

  • This collection contains 10 bulbs each of:
  • Tulip 'Ridgedale'
  • Tulip'Time out'
  • Tulip'Cairo'
  • Tulip 'Blue Parrot'
  • Tulip 'Continental'
  • Gift box measures L.33.5cm x W.22.5cm x H.11cm

    Tulip petals are all edible. We scatter them over salad and use some petals dipped in tempura batter and served with a spring garden Frito Misto. Tulip 'White Valley' is a favourite for this.

    Care Tips

    After flowering leave the foliage to die back naturally if you want to reuse the bulbs.

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