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There are two stand-out brilliant things about these gloves. They are breathable so your hands don't sweat, and they're machine washable. More
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£9.50 - £14.50

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By ambeseke • 6th June 2017

these gloves work best if skin tight!
i bought a 7/M [my usual glove size] but would have been better with the smaller size as my fingers don't reach the ends.
very good for light gardening such as dainty weeding, potting up or pruning. not ideal for nettles or brambles as i got repeatedly stung through the mesh across the backs of my fingers and hands.

Best gloves by far

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By Alison Childs • 7th November 2016

I have bought many pairs of gloves over the years, but either they never lasted or they were really too thick to be able to feel what you are doing. So when I saw these I decided to have a go, even thought they were more than I would spend on a thinner pair of gloves. How pleased I am that I decided to try, they are brilliant. The elasticated back means they fit the hand snuggly and close to the fingers so you can feel exactly what you are doing and they wash well. Well worth the money.

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