Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting

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    Solar Pagoda Light

    Hang these AMAZING solar lights around your garden all through the summer. They look like paper but they’re made from weather-resistant polyester so won’t fall apart. Round – Dia.30cm Long – H.90cm

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    Solar Light Bulbs

    Shaped like a traditional filament light, bulbs to hang in a tree or around your seating area for summer evenings outside. Each bulb has its own individual solar panel. H.14cm each.

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    Warm White Outdoor Lights

    Battery fairy lights with a clear flex. Choose from 20 warm white LEDs with timer function or 24 warm white LEDs. 20 LEDs

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    Solar LED Light String

    If you're far away from a power source or don't want to fuss about with plugging things in, you can use this solar light string throughout the evening outside. It's lovely trailing over a tree or bush, or down the middle of the table outside for extra light. I was surprised how efficient they are…

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    Extra Long Battery Lights

    For indoors and out, there's a length suitable for everything. These sets of warm-white bulbs are perfect for stringing around a tree, the front door, a large wreath or your indoor Christmas tree. Warm white LEDs Includes a 6 hour timer function (on for 6 hours, off for 18 hours). Choose from: 50,…

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    Light Net

    A simple and effective way to get an even spread of warm white lights over a smallish tree, hedge or shrub. The net is easy to drape and won't get tangled like a light string might. Warm White LEDs with timer. Cho

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    Wreath Lights

    Battery fairy lights are a brilliant thing for twinkling up a wreath – or table centre – where you don't want wires, but they normally romp through the batteries and so end up costing a fortune... Not these – a set of 25 warm-white LEDs – which are the brightest, best and…

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    Floral Light String

    We love this pretty metal light string for summer parties. Use it indoors or out. 22 warm white LEDs Built in timer – 6hrs on, 18 hrs off Battery operated, takes 4x AA batteries (not included) Total length 2.3m, of which 1.8m is illuminated The metal may tarnish over time if left outside

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    Green Garland Light String

    An everlasting, evergreen garland strewn with warm white LEDs for any occasion. Choose from 40 or 60 LEDs. 40 LEDs - illuminated L.1.9m, lead cable L.40cm 60 LEDs - illuminated L.3m, lead cable L.40cm Battery operated, take

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    Large Light Lantern

    Place this by the front door to welcome guests or on a table outside in the evenings. The lantern contains a super-long-lasting, 20 LED light string inside, so no need to replace tealights through the evening. We recommend placing this on a flat surface rather than hanging the lantern, as it’s…

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    Outdoor Green Slimline Net

    For an even spread of warm white lights over a hedge or shrub or to brighten a fence, this is ideal. The net is easy to drape and won't get tangled like a light string might. Choose from: 100 or 200 LEDs. Mains operated Green flex 100 LED net – L.1m, W.1m, lead L.5m 200 LED net – L.2m,…

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    Solar Jar Lanterns

    Place one of these in the centre of a small table or hang them from a tree. They give off a gentle, warm light from dusk. H.12cm each.

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    Solar Wire Lantern

    These are made from coated metal, so they won’t rust and have 45 tiny wire lights threaded round. Choose from Black or White. H.22cm (35cm including hanger)

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    Star Solar LED Light String

    Pretty metal stars to add twinkle round the garden and there’s no need for batteries or a power source. A sunny day will provide a good 6 hours of light into the night. The length of time these stay illuminated depends on the weather conditions and the time of year; in winter they will still work…

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    Use Everywhere Lights

    The most useful and versatile light strings of any we've trialled, with four times as many lights per metre than an ordinary set – there's just 2.5cm of flex between each light. These are brilliant for your Christmas tree, but can literally be used all over the house: up the bannister, round…

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    Multi-function Allium Light

    WOW! The ultimate light decorations for Christmas. Hang one in your hallway, dining room, in your porch or from a tree. Straight out of the box these may not look that special, but once in position and on, these will make a real talking point for your Christmas parties. Multi-function allows you to…

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    Leaves Light String

    We love these antique-effect metal leaves, with warm white LEDs along the length. We use them all year round. Choose from: Antique-effect Gold or Antique-effect Pewter. Illuminated H.1.8m (plus lead cable L.50cm) 22 Warm White LEDs Battery operated. Takes 4x AA batteries, not included. Suitable for…

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    Super-fine Wire Allium Light

    Hang or place this delicate wire allium anywhere for abundant fairy twinkle – it's ideal as the ultimate tree-topper. Choose from: Copper or Silver finish, in Small (Dia. 30cm) or Large (Dia. 50cm). Small Allium has 120 warm white LEDs, battery powered, takes 4x AA batteries (not included),…

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    Black Twinkle Allium Light

    Our best selling allium lights in a new black finish to create a lovely sillhouette effect, twinkling in a tree. A mix of static and twinkling LEDs. Choose from: Small, Medium or Large. Small – W.45cm. 72 warm white LEDs Medium – W.70cm. 160 warm white LEDs Large – W.100cm. 280…

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    Crackle Ball Lights

    Iced-effect LED light string. Choose from: Mini LED Lights on a silver coloured wire (each light Dia.1.5cm), or Large Crackle LED lights on a transparent flex (each light Dia.2.5cm). Mini Crackle LED Lights 40 LED - Illuminated H.3.9m (plus lead cable L.30cm). Battery operated. Takes 3x AA…

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    Giant Golden Snowflake with Lights

    A fabulously over-the-top, amazing golden snowflake dotted with 300 warm white LEDs. Use this instead of a wreath on your door or make a statement on any wall or fence. 300 Warm White LEDs Snowflake W.60cm Mains operated. Lead cable L.10m Suitable for use indoors and out (must be plugged in…