Kitchen Kit & Harvesting

Kitchen Kit & Harvesting

Useful kit and lovely things to use, from harvesting home-grown veg to preparing delicious meals.
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    A simple and stylish tisaniere for you to make healthy and delicious teas from your home-grown herbs. The best bit about this tisaniere is that it has a central chamber to contain your fresh herbs or loose tea in. This is one of our long-standing bestsellers and makes a wonderful present. 480ml…

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    Herb Scissors

    I love these ingenious 5-blade herb scissors for snipping up my herbs – efficient and quick. Grab a bunch of chives or sage and you can snip over your new potatoes or tomato salad. Some people use these to shred paper – ingenious. They are a must for every kitchen drawer, and are one of…

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    Weck Replacement Seals

    Keeping your Weck jars completely airtight is vital if you want to make sure your home-made produce lasts. There's nothing worse than opening that jar of jam months later to find it's inedible. Weck recommends you use new rubber seals each time to ensure a complete seal (full instructions are sent…

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    Willow Trugs

    I use mine for harvesting in the garden and for storing veg in the kitchen. These are made from strong and durable unpeeled willow.Choose from: Medium (L.47cm H.30cm) or Large (L.56cm H.35cm)Please note: Colours and shapes vary as it is a natural product.

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    Garlic Rocker

    Quicker than a squeeze-together press – and much easier to clean. Just push down onto a peeled clove and rock once or twice from side to side. Slide off the crushed garlic with a spoon and you're done! Brushed nickel Dishwasher safe L. 19cm

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    Gardener's Pinafore

    Keep clean in the garden and kitchen with our incredibly soft, easy-to-wear pinafore. It has two deep patch pockets and wide crossover straps at the back. Just chuck it over whatever you’re wearing and it looks good. This can be gift wrapped in our exclusive gift box, with tissue paper and a…

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    Herb Circle

    A simple and effective way to strip herbs – pop the stem into one of the suitably sized holes and pull it through. Multiple sized holes to suit all herbs – there's even one large enough to strip kale. Dishwasher safe. BPA free.

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    Laguiole Cheese Knife Set

    Our set of cheese knives comes from the Laguiole forge in France, where they have been making high quality knives since the 1920's. The set includes a traditional cheese knife L.23cm, a knife for soft cheese L.21cm and a fork L.21cm, all made from stainless steel with colourful acrylic handles. Set…

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    Laguiole Knife and Fork Set

    This excellent quality colourful cutlery set is fantastic for every day use featuring the distinctive trademark bee motif of the Laguiole brand. Laguiole knives have been produced in Thiers, France, since the 1920's and they're famous for good quality knives that are lovely to use. Set includes 6…

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    Laguiole Steak Knife Set

    Our favourite steak knives from the famous forge in Thiers, France, where they have produced the Laguiole brand of knives since the 1920's. Set of 6. Stainless steel with colourful acrylic handles. Features the distinctive trademark bee emblem. Made in France. Diswasher safe, although we recommend…

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    Laguiole Waiter's Friend

    A traditional corkscrew from the Laguiole forge in France, well known for making excellent quality wine tools featuring the distinctive trademark bee motif. The Waiter's Friend includes a foil cutter, corkscrew with lever and bottle cap remover. Made in France using high quality stainless steel…

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    Egg Run

    This is an ingenious way to store your eggs so you know you're using the oldest first. Take them from the bottom of the run and add new ones to the top. Holds 16 eggs (approximately) Made from powder-coated steel H.12cm, Dia. 20cm

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    Farringdon Wine Rack

    Inspired by wine racks seen in the French vineyards, the Farringdon Wine Rack houses up to 42 bottles. Crafted from steel rods, each piece is hand-welded, allowing the rustic appearance of the material to shine through. It's been finished with small circular discs on the feet to ensure complete…

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    Knife and Scissor Sharpener

    Keep scissors and knives super-sharp with this easy to use tool. It has two slots for sharpening all types of non-serrated edged knives, pen knives and scissors as well as a grind stone for extra sharpness. It really works! Length: 22cm Wipe clean only. To use, draw the knife / scissor blade…

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    Metal Flower Trug

    Pick your home-grown flowers into this zinc trug or use it for twine, secateurs and snips. Perfect for your potting shed. Made from metal with a zinc coating, this will rust over time. L.25cm, W.19cm, H.11cm.

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    Moss-green Metal Trays

    A tray makes an ideal base for a simple table centrepiece and this one's a particularly good size - not too big, but big enough to make an impact. Just add candles in candleholders, colourful small vases filled with posies and a few tealights and you're all set. Or fill it with small plants in pots…

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    Rustic Metal Tray

    Place two or three potted plants on this and display them in a group on your table, indoors or out. Or create an easy party centrepiece for your summer table by adding candles, a few small vases of flowers and some tealight holders. The metal tray has a brown painted finish to give it a rusted,…

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    Wooden Tray with Mesh Dome

    A lovely way to display a cheese board, cake or loaf of bread. Mango wood tray and Iron mesh dome L.53cm, H.28cm

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    Zinc Tray with Handles

    Showcase your pots on our galvanised steel tray. It's lovely with our aged terracotta pots. Rustic finish with contrasting brown handles. L.48cm, W.34cm.

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    Lemon and Lime Squeezers

    Amazingly efficient citrus squeezers that I use every day. Just pop half a lemon or lime into one section, bring the handles together and squeeze. It's a very quick and efficient way of juicing lemons, and easy to clean. Perforations in the bottom mean the juice flows quickly and easily and stops…

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    Jumbo Ice Cube Trays

    I discovered these on holiday last summer and I had to find the silicone trays when I got home. They make whopper ice cubes, which I love as they are, of course, super-slow to melt. Decorate with edible flowers too. Dishwasher safe. L.11cm W.11cm, H.4.5cm

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    Laguiole Cake Fork Set

    Laguiole are the creators of the most beautiful, top quality and long-lasting steel cutlery. This cake fork set is perfect for afternoon tea or to take on picnics. Made in Thiers, France, with the famous bee emblem on the acrylic handle. Set of 6. Each fork L.15cm. Dishwasher safe, although we…