Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting

Create a fabulous atmosphere with our best selection of outdoor lighting
8 products
  1. Leaves Light String


    Available as gold

  2. Super-fine Wire Allium Light

    Starting at £36.95

    Available as large, copper

  3. Mini Allium Light Chains


    Available as black, copper

  4. Mini Lantern with Wire Lights


    Available as 1 lantern

  5. Outdoor Glow Pillar Candle

    Starting at £5.50

    Available as small, medium, large

  6. Currently unavailable
    Battery Allium Light Battery Allium Light
    Battery Allium Light


  7. Light Net

    Starting at £22.95

    Available as mains 3.5m

  8. Currently unavailable
    Use Everywhere Battery lights
    Use Everywhere Battery lights