Wax Tealight Holder Globes

Beautiful candle holders which give a warm, alabaster like light to your candles – perfect for indoor and outdoor use. More
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In the summer, I have as many as possible of these wax candle-holder globes lit round the garden when we eat outside, and they're perfect to light up the tables at winter parties too.

They immediately create an incredible warm atmosphere and make the place feel fantastic – particularly brilliant to bring some warmth to cold wintry days. I've had mine now for over a year.

You just place a tealight in the middle hollowed-out wax globe, replacing it as often as you need.

Excellent, re-usable and perfect for inside or out, with the candle fully enclosed within the globe.

Brilliant with our Battery Tealights – they last for 100 hours so you're not constantly having to replace the candles and the wax won't get hot and melt.

  • Medium, D.15cm
  • Large, D.20cm

Please note: Please only use one tealight per holder to avoid damaging the sphere, and be sure to place rice in the bottom of the holder underneath the tealight.

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Best Summer Garden Buy 2015!

* * * * *

Reviewed 18th July 2015 by Heidi

Got one as a birthday gift, and loved it so much I've bought another as a gift for a friend, and one extra for me!

Gives out a surprisingly bright light, but with a soft glow. Could sit and look at it for hours, and as it's only a tea light I'm happy to leave it burning whilst I go back into the house & admire it from another angle.

Highly recommend!

Medium Wax Tealight Globe

* * * * *

Reviewed 26th February 2015 by Steph Markham

I am very pleased with this item. It transforms a single tealight candle into a warm, glowing sphere like a full moon! Seems quite robust and not affected by heat from tealight.