For Mother's Day

For Mother's Day

Choose something special from our beautiful gift ideas this Mother's Day. *Orders will be processed immediately for despatch. Last order date for delivery in time to give on Mother's Day is Tuesday 6th March.
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  1. Sarah Raven Online Gift Voucher

    Starting at £5.00

  2. Flowers for a White Garden Collection

    Starting at £12.25

    Available as 20 seedlings, 40 seedlings, seed tin

  3. Harlequin Sweet Pea Seed Collection


    Available as seed tin

  4. Highly Scented Sweet Pea Seed Collection


  5. Really Good Cut Flower Seed Collection


    Available as seed tin

  6. Sarah Raven Cosmos Seed Tin Collection


    Available as seed tin

  7. Jewel Vase Collections

    Starting at £17.95

    Available as aqua set, gem set, ruby set, complete set

  8. Favourite Jade Vase


  9. Ink Bottle

    Starting at £6.95

    Available as amethyst, dark green, navy blue, purple, set of 4

  10. Mini Glass Vases


    Available as set of 3

  11. Artichoke Tealight Holder


    Available as green, grey, white

  12. Gardener's Pinafore


    Available as aubergine, denim, linen

  13. Sarah Raven Printed Gift Vouchers

    Starting at £10.00

    Available as £10, £50