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Gifts for Everyone

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    Sharpening Stone

    The traditional way to sharpen your secateurs, garden or kitchen knives. The stone comes from the quarries of Lombardi in Italy; an area known to produce some of the best natural sharpening stones. Wet the stone with water and use it to sharpen any dull blade, whether straight or serrated. L. 10cm

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    Silver and Gold Spots Tissue Paper

    Jolly metallic spots on a pure white background - perfect for any time of year. Use a plain white sheet beneath a spotty one for extra coverage. 10 sheets each of silver spot, gold spot and 20 sheets of plain white tissue. Each sheet L.76cm, W.51cm Fully recyclable and compostable.

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    Small Everlasting Eucalyptus Wreath

    The smaller sibling of our best ever everlasting wreath. Lovely for a small cottage door or add a candle and some wreath lights to create a beautiful table centre. Dia.35cm.

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    Solitary Beehive

    Create a welcoming habitat for bees in your garden. Made from durable FSC certified timber, our beehive has holes specifically designed to attract non-swarming bees like the Red Mason Bee and Leafcutter Bee, so beneficial to the health of your flowers, fruit and veg. The roof lifts up (over a clear…

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    Tapestry Tulip Collection

    A tulip mix in soft vintage silk, faded colours which I absolutely love. Choose the full collection of four varieties with 'Purple Tower' as the centrepiece, or opt for our perfect duo, 'La Belle Epoque' and 'Green Star', which is ideal for smaller spaces or pots.

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    Tapestry Tulip Collection in a Gift Box (40 bulbs)

    A tulip mix in soft vintage silk, faded colours which I absolutely love, all beautifully packed and ready to give in our Sarah Raven gift box. This collection contains 10 bulbs each of: T

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    Teal Glass Tealight Votive with Metal Edge

    Pretty, soft teal-coloured glass tealight holders finished with gold-effect metal edging. Set of 4. H.6cm, Dia.6.5cm This can be gift wrapped in our exclusive gift box, with

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    The 'G & T' Tulip Collection

    Clear, sharp and delicious, this gin and tonic mix with elegant shapes and great colours will keep you peppy through spring. I loved this fresh combination in the garden and vase at Perch Hill. This collection contains 15 bulbs each of:

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    The Apricot Sorbet Tulip Collection

    Two top rankers in our tulip trials, beautiful together in the garden and a vase. A lovely soft apricot colour range. These also look wonderful in a pot. This collection contains 15 or 30 bulbs each of:

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    The Oast Garden Tulip Collection

    Do you know, I never thought I was going to like a fringed tulip, but we trialled this perfectly colour matching duo of tulips in spring this year and I absolutely loved it. And of course, 'Brown Sugar' is scented. Grow this pair with contrasting purple honesty and aquilegias, such as 'Ruby Port'.

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    The Rembrandt Tulip Collection

    This is a perfect example of my colour combining recipe with the bride – the marvellous rich burgundy tulip 'Sarah Raven', matched by the bridesmaid – tulip 'Paul Scherer', both contrasted to the Dutch still-life tulip 'Helmar' – a gatecrasher. Use this recipe – it works…

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    The Romantics Tulip Collection

    I adore this new colour range – soft, blousy, romantic and supremely beautiful – a passionately recommended mix of scale, shape and colour. This collection contains 5 or 10 bulbs each of:

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    Tulips for Two Months Collection

    Tulips collected with succession in mind, to flower from March with 'Salmon Impression' to 'Virichic' in April and early May. This will give you tulips to admire in pots or borders for a good six-week stretch. This collection contains 5 or 10 bulbs each of: Tulip 'Green Star'

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    Venetian Tulip Collection

    Please note, due to a supply issue, the Venetian Tulip Collection will now include Tulip 'Veronique Sanson' instead of 'Prinses Irene'. This is one of the best ever tulip collections we've planted together in the garden and in pots in the oast house garden at Perch Hill. Wonderful! It flowers from…

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    Venetian Tulip Collection in a Gift Box (45 bulbs)

    This is one of the best ever tulip collections we've planted together in the garden and in pots in the oast house garden at Perch Hill. It's now available in a beautiful Sarah Raven gift box, all packed ready to give to your gardening family and friends. Wonderful! It flowers from April to May, and…

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    Vita Sackville West's Sissinghurst: The Creation of a Garden

    Including lots of her own writing, my new book looks at the themes in Vita and Harold's making of Sissinghurst. From Vita Sackville-West falling instantly in love with the place, to why she chose the plants she did, this is a detailed look at the evolution of the garden from 1930 till her death in…

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    White Allium Collection

    Many alliums are purple, but the white ones are magnificent too, particularly these clear whites which flower in succession, starting with cowanii in May, and 'Graceful' and nigrum in June. This collection contains: 20, 40 or 60 bulbs of Allium cowanii 5, 10 or 15 bulbs ofAllium amplectens…

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    White Anemone Collection

    A beautiful anemone combination we had in the garden last spring, with the large white saucer flowers of Anemone coronaria 'The Bride' rising out of a sea of Anemone blanda 'White Splendour'. This collection contains 15 tubers each of:

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    Windowbox Tulip Collection

    The tulips here are all selected to be beautiful – of course – also relatively short, so they are perfectly suited to a container or windowbox. And they are all double, peony-flowered varieties, which means, as sterile forms, they flower for twice as long as many. In this jam-packed and…