Sowing & Growing Kit

Sowing and Growing Kit

Make sowing seeds and growing plants and bulbs an enjoyable and productive task with this range of essential kit.
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  1. Rootrainers

    Starting at £9.95

    Available as original set, large set, low maintenance set

  2. Bulb Planting Trays

    Starting at £7.95

    Available as set of 3 26cm circular trays, set of 2 30cm circular trays

  3. Coir Jiffy Pellet Tray Sets

    Starting at £7.95

  4. Coir Jiffy Refills

    Starting at £7.50

  5. Jiffy Gro-Blocks

    Starting at £3.95

    Available as small, set of 12 50mm blocks

  6. Bamboo Seed Tray


    Available as set of 2

  7. Capillary Matting


    Available as 1m length

  8. Currently unavailable
    Propagator Sets
    Propagator Sets

    Starting at £6.95

  9. Currently unavailable
    Windowsill Propagator Kit
    Windowsill Propagator Kit


  10. Currently unavailable
    Bulb Planting Kit Bulb Planting Kit
    Bulb Planting Kit