Sowing & Growing Kit

Sowing and Growing Kit

Make sowing seeds and growing plants and bulbs an enjoyable and productive task with this range of essential kit.
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    Coloured Markers

    Excellent value, these wooden markers create a jamboree of colour. L.15cm, W.1.8cm This can be gift wrapped in our exclusive gift box, with tissue paper and a Sarah Raven gift card. You will be able to add this to your basket once you begin the checkout process

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    Sweet Pea Pots

    The best long, thin, deep pots ideal for growing on sweet peas through the winter before planting them out in early spring. The maximum number of plants per pot we'd recommend is 4 but growing just 2 per pot will result in stronger, healthier plants. Capacity 1 litre H.13.5cm, Dia.11.7cm

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    Black Plant Labels and Pen

    We use these more than any other labels in the garden at Perch Hill. They look good and are very clear and easy to read. These black plant labels come with one white pen. Re-use them by cleaning with white spirit. Set of 10 or 20 labels Length: 38cm Labels are made from plastic

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    Bean and Pea Netting

    Netting is vital in my garden. I use it for my climbing veg plants, from runner beans to broad beans and it's great for sweet peas too. Stretch this net horizontally over your plants between bamboo canes. The new shoots are encouraged to grow up and through the grid and are lightly supported. L.4m…

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    Pots for Successional Planting

    Use these all year – in spring for dahlias and in autumn for tulips and narcissi. In autumn, use them to plant your spring flowering bulbs. You can then easily slot them into beds and containers when your winter bedding looks tired. Or in spring, use them for your dahlias then sink the whole…

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    Vigoroot Planters

    These planting bags are made from 100% recycled polyester, with a special structure which enables them to 'air prune' the roots of plants, dramatically changing their formation and their ability to sustain the plant in a limited volume of compost. Vigoroot encourages more vigorous rooting, which…

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    Rainbow Plant Labels

    Use a bundle of these colourful plant labels to sort and label your plants and seedlings by colour. If you like rainbows of colour like I do, you'll love playing with these! Use with a permanent marker or a soft pencil and cheap hair spray. Length: Approx 11cm Set of 50 The pack contains 10 each…