Sowing & Growing Kit

Sowing and Growing Kit

Make sowing seeds and growing plants and bulbs an enjoyable and productive task with this range of essential kit.
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  1. Bottle Top Waterers


    Available as set of 4

  2. Blackboard Labels and Pencil

    Starting at £7.95

    Available as set of 10, set of 20

  3. Paper Twist Ties


    Available as 500 ties (approx)

  4. Bean and Pea Netting


    Available as 4m length

  5. Currently unavailable
    Coloured Markers Coloured Markers
    Coloured Markers

    Starting at £3.95

  6. Currently unavailable
    Rainbow Plant Labels Rainbow Plant Labels
    Rainbow Plant Labels


  7. Currently unavailable
    Seedling Markers Seedling Markers
    Seedling Markers