Organic & Green Gardening

Organic & Green Gardening

All of our essentials for maintaining an organic and green growing space.
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    Organic Rose Food

    Our potash-rich rose food delivers nutrients slowly to the soil, encouraging lush, green foliage and abundant blooms.The formula means that nutrients are released into the soil over an extended period and a single application can provide all your roses need for the whole growing season. However,…

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    3L Plant-Fibre Pots

    The perfect size for potting on dahlias and more environmentally friendly than plastic. These pots are made from plant fibre, which is bound together using a special natural and synthetic compound, resulting in a solid, smooth finish that's practical, hardwearing and re-usable but which, once…

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    9cm Plant-Fibre Pots

    These make an excellent alternative to plastic pots. They're made from plant fibre, which is bound together using a special natural and synthetic compound, resulting in a solid, smooth finish that's practical, hardwearing and re-usable but which, once composted, will biodegrade after about 5 years.…

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    All Purpose Organic Seaweed Fertiliser

    This organic and totally natural fertiliser provides balanced healthy nutrition for all plants, to give you a bumper crop of flowers and veg. It's made from sustainable raw materials and is completely safe to use, with no risk to wildlife, children, pets or the enviroment. Seaweed meal encourages…

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    Bamboo Canes

    A bundle of 20 bamboo canes to support plants in the border or in pots. Set of 20. H.90cm. Diameters will vary as this is a natural product.

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    Bamboo Pots and Saucers

    An alternative to plastic pots and saucers, made from bamboo and rice husk. Designed to be reusable for up to 5 years but once composted the pots will break down within a 6-12 month period. Choose from Set of 5 Pots or Saucers. Each pot - H.1

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    Coir Pots

    Pot on your seedlings in these, then plant the whole thing out. The pots are biodegradable. Degradation speed will vary, depending on temperatures and moisture levels. H.9cm Made from compressed peat

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    Comfrey Pellets

    In recent trials we found that comfrey made the best fertiliser for sweet peas, beans and tomatoes. A one-litre pack makes 75 litres of liquid feed (or add pellets direct to root area). In our Perch Hill trials last year comfrey performed better than all other high potash feeds. Full instructions…

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    Double Strength Peat Free Wool Compost

    An excellent strong, rich multi-purpose peat-free compost made of a blend of sheep's wool and bracken. The wool has a high level of nitrogen that works as a slow release fertiliser and has very good water retention. Bracken gives a high level of natural potash essential for fruiting and flowering.…

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    E-coco bulb compost

    Our organic and peat free mix is ideal for growing bulbs in containers, inside and out. It contains cocopeat, with natural rooting hormones to get your bulbs off to a good start. Coconut husk chops act as reservoirs and help moisture retention so you need to water less. Coconut husk charcoal and…

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    Ferric Phosphate - Sluggo

    An organic pelleted solution to slug and snail problems which is certified for use on organic crops and is not harmful to pets or wildlife. Sprinkle round the base of plants and you'll find it is resistant to rain and highly effective, especially for dahlias, but also excellent on all edible and…

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    GroChar Seed Compost

    GroChar Seed Compost combines organic coir with a peat free, unique biochar complex. It has a fine texture that is perfect for propagation and is ideal for getting your seeds off to a flying start. We trialled it at Perch Hill and it's now our compost of choice so we don't have to continue to use…

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    GroChar Soil Improver

    Use as a one-off soil treatment or add GroChar Soil Improver to compost for growing stuff in the greenhouse for quicker plant establishment, stronger root development and better natural plant vigour. Reduce the amount of watering, and reduce the need to fertiliser. Can be used any time of the year.…

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    Jiffy Gro-Blocks

    Soak these in water then sow your seeds. Once germinated, remove the netting and plant out. Use the small ones for tomatoes, the large for courgettes and squash. Choose from: Small set of 12 blocks (50mm) Large set of 12 blocks (80mm) Set of 24 blocks (12 of each size)

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    Jute Composting Sacks

    Use these to collect fallen leaves in autumn, then use the leaf-mould to mulch the garden the following year. Set of 3 Each sack: H.70cm, W.40cm

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    Jute Netting

    This is so much nicer to use than green plastic types of netting and is just as effective. Use this to support beans, peas and sweet peas, and stretched horizontally to support almost all your cut flowers. H.1.8m, W.1.8m This can be gift wrapped in our exclusive gift box, with tissue paper and a…

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    Jute Twine

    An extra long, 300m of strong, natural jute twine is essential for all your tying-in jobs. L.300m

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    Jute Twist Tie

    A 4.5m length of wired jute. Simply cut to suitable lengths and use for all your climbing annuals and veg.

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    Leaf Mould Bags

    Sweep your autumn leaves into these 100% biodegradable jute leaf bags. Wet the leaves well and then store them in a corner of the garden for a year. Then turn out perfect leaf mould – the most brilliant soil conditioning whatever your soil type. H.70cm x W.40cm Set of 2 bags

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    Lily Beetle Control

    Keep lily beetles at bay with regular use of this all natural, unique repellent which accumulates and spreads over the leaves. Grazers is completely Eco friendly, pet and wildlife friendly and child friendly. Will also help to strengthen and stimulate the plant growth. Spray every 7-10 days upon…

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    Nemaslug - Biological Slug Control

    Nemaslug is despatched from early-April straight from our supplier, when soil temps are high enough for it to be used successfully. Nemaslug is ideal for all gardens overrun with slugs and particularly the organic gardener. We use biological control to get rid of the slugs in our Dahlia beds in the…

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    Nemasys Fruit and Veg Protection

    Nemasys Fruit and Veg Protection will be despatched straight from our supplier, when soil temps are high enough for it to be used successfully. An organic pest control containing a unique mix of nematodes which work on insect pests like carrot root fly, sciaridfly, caterpillars and many more. It is…

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    Nemasys No Ants

    Nemasys No Ants will now be despatched from April 2021 straight from our supplier, when soil temps are high enough for it to be used successfully. This biological control contains millions of nematodes to control ants safely with no danger to children, pets or wildlife. It should be applied when…

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    Organic GroChar Fertiliser

    A pelleted, all-natural fertiliser, packed with nitrogen, phosphate and potash. The biochar keeps nutrients in the top level of soil, so they are readily available to the plants. Use on flowers, veg, pots and container plants. 2.5kg 100% Organic