Feeding & Watering

Feeding & Watering

Plants, like us, need lots of nutrients and water. These are the most used plant feeds and kit in the garden at Perch Hill.
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    Organic GroChar Fertiliser

    A pelleted, all-natural fertiliser, packed with nitrogen, phosphate and potash. The biochar keeps nutrients in the top level of soil, so they are readily available to the plants. Use on flowers, veg, pots and container plants. 2.5kg 100% Organic

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    Use this on all your borders and beds – it will enrich the soil, suppress weeds, help retain moisture AND deter slugs and snails! This mineralised straw mulch lasts for up to two years, making it an excellent value garden additive, made from all natural ingredients. 100L bag Please note: If…

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    Comfrey Pellets

    In recent trials we found that comfrey made the best fertiliser for sweet peas, beans and tomatoes. A one-litre pack makes 75 litres of liquid feed (or add pellets direct to root area). In our Perch Hill trials last year comfrey performed better than all other high potash feeds. Full instructions…

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    Bottle Top Waterers

    Use old plastic bottles for watering with these tops. The gentle sprinkling is ideal for young seedlings. L.5cm Set of 4 with assorted spouts This can be gift wrapped in our exclusive gift box, with tissue paper and a Sarah Raven gift card. You will be able to add this to your basket once you begin…

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    E-coco bulb compost

    Our organic and peat free mix is ideal for growing bulbs in containers, inside and out. It contains cocopeat, with natural rooting hormones to get your bulbs off to a good start. Coconut husk chops act as reservoirs and help moisture retention so you need to water less. Coconut husk charcoal and…

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    GroChar Seed Compost

    GroChar Seed Compost combines organic coir with a peat free, unique biochar complex. It has a fine texture that is perfect for propagation and is ideal for getting your seeds off to a flying start. We trialled it at Perch Hill and it's now our compost of choice so we don't have to continue to use…

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    GroChar Soil Improver

    Use as a one-off soil treatment or add GroChar Soil Improver to compost for growing stuff in the greenhouse for quicker plant establishment, stronger root development and better natural plant vigour. Reduce the amount of watering, and reduce the need to fertiliser. Can be used any time of the year.…

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    Bulb Starter

    Give bulbs a head start with this granular mycorrhizal funghi-based biological fertiliser. It also includes vermiculite for good drainage and seaweed to stimulate root development. Good for tulips, narcissi, alliums and even potatoes. Sent with full application instructions. 500g pack (enough for…

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    Low Nitrogen Fertiliser for Dahlias

    A fertiliser which is high in potash, to fight disease, and phosphate, to encourage flower blooms. Its low nitrogen content means energy is used to promote more flower blooms than greenery. Dissolve in water

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    Organic Liquid Seaweed

    A fantastic organic liquid balanced fertiliser made from a sustainably harvested species of sea kelp. Invaluable for our hungry beans, sweet peas, squash, dahlias and chrysanths. Regular use will help plants withstand environmental stress, pest and disease attack. The concentrated liquid should be…

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    Organic Rose Food

    Our potash-rich rose food delivers nutrients slowly to the soil, encouraging lush, green foliage and abundant blooms.The formula means that nutrients are released into the soil over an extended period and a single application can provide all your roses need for the whole growing season. However,…

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    Rose Tonic

    A professional grade, natural rose feed containing potassium phosphite. Used by the UK's leading rose breeders, this concentrated liquid feed is free from additives, wetters, dyes and impurities. 10ml makes 1L of feed, enough for a 10m2 area. Use it weekly or fortnightly during the growing season…

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    A naturally occurring fungi which works with the plant as it grows, extending its root system and acting like a net to catch nutrients and prevent leaching. One application will last a plant a lifetime, making it instantly stronger and healthier. Sprinkle grains onto roots when planting out. Full…

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    Orgro Concentrated Manure

    A totally natural, granular fertiliser, produced and packaged on a farm in Norfolk from concentrated manure, rich in humus, from their free-range chickens. Apply 3-6 handfuls of the concentrated mix per square metre and lightly fork or rake it into the topsoil.

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    Capillary Matting

    I recommend placing your Jiffy 7's on a layer of capillary matting. This absorbs water and releases it slowly, cutting out the need for such regular watering. We use it on all our sowing beds at Perch Hill. Width, 91cm Price per metre Sold in pre-cut 1 metre lengths

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    Potting Grit

    Mix this with your usual compost or soil to aid drainage in pots and borders. It gives a more open soil structure so helps prevent your plants becoming waterlogged. It’s essential for varieties requiring free-draining soil. Small bag (weighing approx. 3 to 5kg, depending on moisture levels)…

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    Plastic Handy Indoor Can

    A good quality, simple and useful compact watering can which is perfect for houseplants or delicate seedlings in the greenhouse. 0.7L capacity Can: H.12cm, W.12cm, Dia.12cm Includes a brass-faced removable rose Choice of blue or yellow

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    Peat Free Compost

    Sylvagrow is a sustainable, 100% peat-free compost which comes in a manageable 15L bag. It’s a blend of fine bark, wood fibre (bi-products of sustainably managed British forests and coir (from a single, known source) which contains balanced nutrients – perfect for seeds or young seedlings.…

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    Brass Mister

    This is an excellent present idea for anyone who grows delicate houseplants, succulents or orchids. The press plunger delivers a reliable, fine mist spray. Capacity 300ml H.14cm, Dia. 9cm

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    All Purpose Organic Seaweed Fertiliser

    This organic and totally natural fertiliser provides balanced healthy nutrition for all plants, to give you a bumper crop of flowers and veg. It's made from sustainable raw materials and is completely safe to use, with no risk to wildlife, children, pets or the enviroment. Seaweed meal encourages…

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    Double Strength Peat Free Wool Compost

    An excellent strong, rich multi-purpose peat-free compost made of a blend of sheep's wool and bracken. The wool has a high level of nitrogen that works as a slow release fertiliser and has very good water retention. Bracken gives a high level of natural potash essential for fruiting and flowering.…