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This is an incredible green-budded variety of sprouting broccoli, which crops more heavily and much more quickly from seed to harvest than Purple Sprouting.

Hardy, prolific and very tasty, much favoured by the River Cafe team for winter pastas and soups. This is delicious cooked and then stir fried with garlic, anchovies, chilli and lemon, and served on top of a bed of new potatoes, sprinkled with pine nuts and good grated cheese.

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Genus Cima di Rapa
Group/Species Heritage
Type Hardy Annual
Common Name Broccoli raab, Rapini
Soil Type Fertile
Site Full Sun, Part Shade
Moisture Well-drained
Height 40cm (16in)
Spacing 10cm (4in) in rows 30cm (1ft) apart
Sowing, Seeds, Planting Cima di Rapa is usually sown March-June, and can also be sown October. Simply just avoid the very cold and very hot months. Sow 1cm (½in) deep.
Care Tips Water regularly. May need staking. Clear the bed of weeds and stones before planting.
Harvesting September - November, 90-100 days from sowing. If you harvest carefully, leaving the lower two leaves intact, they will often re-sprout several times.
Cooking Notes Cook for only about 8-10 minutes either steamed, sauteed, boiled or stir-fried. This plant also has edible yellow flowers.
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  • Sow Under Cover/Plant Indoors
  • Direct Sow/Plant Outdoors
  • Flowers/Harvest
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Cima di Rapa (Broccoli raab) reviews

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Reviewed 20th April 2020 by Simon

Overpriced, unhelpful and rude, I won’t be using them again.

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Reviewed 1st August 2019 by Mrs Melody

Fabulous service as usual. I've never ever had a bad batch of seeds from Sarah Raven website and these seeds are all up and looking fabulously healthy.

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Reviewed 31st July 2019 by Lesley

Good germination but seedlings eaten by pests.

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Reviewed 31st July 2019 by Sally

I already posted what I think of your service and purchase the coma Di raps seeds I planted in the wrong bed obviously as they didn’t come to anything much. I Find this form a bit unclear as you cannotview your previous comments that I have written