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    Achillea millefolium 'Summer Pastels'

    A warm, soft mix of achilleas – invaluable cut flowers with long-lasting plateaux blooms. As perennial cut flowers, these get bigger and better each year.

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    Achillea ptarmica 'The Pearl'

    Perfect mini buttons as a border filler and cut flower with exceptional vase life. This serves the role of pernenial gypsophilia, but does not need sowing every year.

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    Aegean Summer Sweet Pea Mix

    A beautiful soft palette is what unites this incredibly scented, long-stemmed, long-season selection of florist sweet peas. The seed packet contains a mix of the following varieties and the seedling collection contains 4 seedlings each of: …

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    Alonsoa warscewickii 'Scarlet' ('Mask Flower')

    Josie, our Perch Hill head-gardeners favourite plant in our trials last year. It has small, but very brilliantly coloured flowers all summer and right through to Christmas in a sheltered…

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    Antirrhinum majus 'Appleblossom'

    A very tall and long-flowering snapdragon with spires the colour of appleblossom. Use this as a spike in a container or vase.

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    Antirrhinum majus 'Rocket F1 Mix'

    A classic cut flower mix of snapdragons, including every colour, beloved by florists and flower growers for their reliability and ease of growth.

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    Asarina erubescens 'Bridal Bouquet'

    Pure white snapdragon-like flowers cover this lovely climber, which can also be grown as a trailer to cascade and soften the edge of a larger pot, or clad a fence, wall or frame.

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    Asarina scandens 'Mystic Rose'

    I love the asarinas which climb up and cascade down, so they are brilliant for covering walls and fences and as an abundant softener for containers and summer pots flowing down the sides. This one is a rich purple-pink.

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    Bacopa cordata 'Snowtopia Improved'

    With pretty white saucer flowers, this is a perfect, very long-flowering plant to use as a trailer out of any container. It's a summer 'bedding' favourite and we love it in a mixed pot with grasses (Festuca glauca) and compact Cosmos sonata.

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    Blackcurrant Ripple Collection

    Match the ultimate frou-frou poppy to the petal edge of 'High Scent' sweet pea for a glorious mix – and with this particular poppy, with stem ends seared, it lasts in the vase. …

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    Brachyscome multifida 'Blue and White mix'

    For a pot full of daisies to flower all summer and autumn, this is the plant – have a mix of blue and white for a soft and pretty contrast. Over-wintered in a sheltered spot, or under cover, frost-free these re-appear in the second year.

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    Buckets of Sweet Peas Collection

    All the very best colours and the very best sweet peas in this super-abundant massively scented collection. This collection includes 1 seed packet or 4 seedlings each of: …

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    Buddleja davidii

    Magnificent honey scent and tip-top for butterflies, this classic makes a wonderful cut flower. Sear stem ends in boiling water for 30 secs and it lasts a week in the vase.

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    Calendula officinalis 'Touch of Red Buff'

    Glamorous new calendula with coffee-cream petal fronts and crimson reverse. With the two tones, these grow and cut to mix with almost any colour in a border or vase and are super quick from seed to flower.

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    Cardiospermum halicacabum (‘Love in a Puff’)

    I fell in love with this climber, trialled in our garden and greenhouse last summer. First come the delicate flowers, then the green balloon seedpods, each one holding a black seed inside marked with…

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    Centaurea cyanus 'Red Boy'

    I've just rediscovered this raspberry red compact cornflower which is very easy to grow sown direct or under cover. It's simple and stylish in a vase and dries (to make great natural confetti or pot-pourri).

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    Centaurea cyanus 'White'

    The perfect filler in the garden and vase. It flowers longer than the blue centaurea and dries well. It's a must-have bridal and buttonhole flower, and I love it for everyday.

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    Consolida regalis 'Blue Cloud'

    A delicate and beautiful larkspur which is one of the very best plants for hovering over other flowers – like butterflies – in the garden and arranged in a vase.

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    Cosmos bipinnatus 'Double Click Mix'

    The showiest of all cosmos, with blooms like ruffled tissue paper flowers, like we used to make as children, in a mix of colours, pale pink, rich pink and white.

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    Cosmos bipinnatus 'Pink Popsocks'

    A powder-puff pink cosmos, which like the similar anemone-flowered dahlias is loved by pollinators and nectar rich. It's showy and long-lasting in a border, container and vase.

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    Cosmos bipinnatus 'Versailles Red'

    Whopper flowers in glossy carmine and this is the record holder from seed to flower.

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    Cosmos bipinnatus 'White Popsocks'

    A new cosmos with powder-puff, white flowers, excellent as a container plant and cut flower and easy to grow.

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    Cranberry and Lime Zinnia Collection

    Like a beautiful faded carpet, these two zinnias make a calm and sophisticated duo growing in a sunny corner in the garden and cut for inside. One of my favourite ever pairings. This collection includes a seed packet of each of the following: Zinnia elegans 'Benary's Giant Lime' Zinnia elegans 'Queen…

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    Cutting Patch Seed Collection

    These carefully planned selections of cut flower seeds will produce 3-4 vases of flowers a week, from June until October. This is brilliant value and an easy and hugely rewarding thing to grow. Planting plan and detailed instructions included. …