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    Agastache pallidiflora ssp. neomexicana 'Rose Mint'

    Exceptionally long-flowering aromatic hyssop, lovely as a front of border garden plant, edible and cut flower. We grow ours to decorate a corner growing with tarragon and harvest the flowers to jolly up drinks, puddings and salads.

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    Antirrhinum majus 'Chantilly White' F1

    A hugely prolific and long-flowering pure white Antirrhinum of the Chantilly type. This has open flowers, without the usual Snapdragon double lip, easy and super-reliable and hardier than other Antirrhinum types, surviving the winter outside with us in Sussex. The Chantillys also have a delicious…

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    Calendula officinalis 'Snow Princess'

    The softest primrose pot marigold, or calendula, its heart and petal tips fringed crimson. 'Snow Princess' is even hardier than the already hardy other calendulas, so can be sown very early in spring or in the autumn for late spring-flowering.

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    Campanula portenschlagiana

    An invaluable ground cover, carpeting plant which spreads itself into cracks and joins in patios, terraces, walls and steps. To stud them with clear blue bell-shaped flowers all summer, and as it is an evergreen, with bright green leaves the rest of the year. Intersperse it with Erigeron…

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    Centranthus ruber 'Coccineus' (syn. 'Coccinea)

    I love red valerian for softening the edges of lawns, patios, paths and walls, where it can cascade and froth to create a colour-saturated carpet. It is great cut by the jugful too, for an abundant 'wild flower' arrangement.

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    Consolida ajacis 'Misty Lavender'

    A sultry, smoky new form of this invaluable and reliable cut flower. It mixes well with any colour and lasts brilliantly in a vase. You can dry it too by hanging it upside down. It makes excellent natural confetti.

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    Corydalis lutea

    One of the best 'volunteers' for walls, steps, paths and terraces to almost instantly make them feel like they've always been there. Like Erigeron karvinskianus this is instant softening to any over-hard garden edge.

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    Cottage Garden Pink Collection

    Cosmos and Nicotianas are famously two of the longest flowering plants you can grow and with these two, you have ethereal and delicate beauty in the garden and for the vase for all those summer and autumn months too. This collection contains 1 packet each of:

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    Cynoglossum amabile 'Firmament'

    Dazzling, azure-blue flowers in late spring and summer which make a stunning combination with literally any colour. Ideal at the front of a border and superb as a cut flower with a long vase life.

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    Daucus carota (Wild Carrot)

    Like a compact form of ammi, this delicate umbel flowers solidly all summer and its seed heads are nearly as good as the lacey flowers. More of us should grow this garden-worthy wild flower in our borders as well as plant as plugs into grass. It makes a good cut flower.

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    Eschscholzia californica 'Thai Silk Formula Mixture'

    These are THE ruffled silk poppies, a beautiful mix of oranges, pinks, reds and cream above elegant blue-silver highly cut leaves. They will self-seed at the front of the border and through impoverished gravel where we have them at Perch Hill. A showy, glamorous new introduction.

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    Helichrysum bracteatum 'Salmon Rose'

    All the Strawflowers are fashionable with florists at the moment and this is the best of them. I love this plant, a mix of every tone of coffee, buff, peach and salmon, beautiful harvested and used fresh as a cut flower and it dries brilliantly too.

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    Heliophila longifolia

    Beautiful, delicate flax-like flowers to give you summer sky-blue pots and front of border fillers for many weeks at a stretch. Very quick to flower and self-seeds to flower again in the same year.

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    Ipomoea quamoclit 'Cardinalis'

    An exotic and splendid brilliant red ipomoea with the most delicate, filigree leaves and jasmine-shaped flowers. Plant it to clamber up through things and stud them with colour, or to cascade down in an ethereal semi-transparent patterned curtain from pots and window boxes.

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    Lavatera trimestris 'New Dwarf Pink Blush'

    Delicate and pretty pinky-white Lavatera with delicious veining out over the petals from a blackcurrant heart. This is long-flowering and has a good vase life – a top new-found favourite.

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    Lupinus polyphyllus 'Tutti Frutti'

    Densely packed lupin spires in the cheeriest mix of colours all summer and, as perennials, for years to come.

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    Nasturtium 'Ladybird Rose'

    Stunning, unusual colour-form of the petite nasturtium (minus not majus) which makes an exotic cut flower and container plant for an ornamental veg garden or window box. One of my favourite new discoveries from our Perch Hill trials.

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    Nasturtium 'Tip Top Mix'

    A pretty and cheerful mix of yellow, orange, mahogany, crimson and cream-flowered nasturtiums which are quick and easy to grow. This is a prolific, non-climbing variety which looks and tastes good. It is ideal for the ornamental and vegetable garden and great for pots.

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    New Giants Sweet Pea Collection

    Whopper stems, lots of flower heads and luscious colours and scents is the raison-d'être of this sweet pea collection. They tower above others for arranging in a jug or vase. The seedling collection contains 1 seedling each of: Sweet Pea 'Erewhon', Sweet Pea 'Blue Velvet', Sweet Pea 'Eclipse',…

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    Nicotiana for Shade Collection

    A marvellous trio for planting in sun or dappled shade, the shorter Nicotiana 'Lime Green' at the front of the group. Harvest cut flowers or dead-head to maximise flowering and water in a dry spell to flower long and hard to autumn. This collection contains 1 packet each of:

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    Nicotiana x hybrida 'Whisper Mixed' F1

    Nicotiana 'Whisper Mixed' is a tall mix that is brilliant for the back of the border, with silver green foliage and a lovely blend of white to pink flowers. This is my must-have tobacco plant. It looks fantastic for at least 4 months, and has great disease resistance. Nicotianas are a great family…

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    Papaver nudicaule 'Champagne Bubbles Pink' F1

    The 'Champagne Bubbles' series give you the most prolific flower-producer of all Iceland poppies (Papaver nudicaule) we have trialled. They have sturdy stems and large saucer flowers and a long flowering season. With stem ends seared they make magnificent cut flowers.

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    Papaver rhoeas

    The classic wild or Flanders Poppy with brilliant scarlet tissue paper flowers. It is the traditional emblem of remembrance. It looks delicate and ethereal, but with stem ends seared briefly, makes a beautiful cut flower and excellent self-seeding garden plant.

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    Pelargonium and Ipomoea Collection

    Real red can be a difficult colour to manage in the garden, but not with this massively long-flowering and delicate duo we had in our zinc windowboxes almost all year. The intricate, lacy trailing leaves of the ipomoea made this pair and balanced the strength of the flower colour. This collection…